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Cloe / Antique State of Mind (@antiquestateofmind) Instagram Profile Photo

Cloe / Antique State of Mind

More radishes satisfying my garden harvest needs 💃 . My husband is a big fan of pickled radishes on sandwiches, but this will be our first time trying the fermented version. . I didn’t follow a recipe for this ferment because there’s a general process that can be used with most raw veggie ferments. If you’re interested in knowing what it is, check out my stories for the full radish fermentation process. . #daikonradishes

Maritime Foodie (@maritimefoodies) Instagram Profile Photo

Maritime Foodie

Here's that homemade Banh Mi again, but I'm curious to know if anyone noticed a key missing ingredient? 🧐 The top picture is a whole bunch of Daikon Radish in a local Walmart. But sadly, when this Banh Mi was made, they didn't have any in the store when I went to grab the rest of the ingredients. 😭 You can make it without, but next time I'm making it 💯 🙃 es

Karen: Keto Food Enthusiast (@brilliantlyketo) Instagram Profile Photo

Karen: Keto Food Enthusiast

Fallbrook, California

I had some daikon radish that needed to be cooked this weekend, so I whipped up a couple recipes for you. Have you ever cooked with daikon? They're the closest thing to a potato that you will ever get!!!! They have the most mild flavor when cooked, and I just plain obsessed. _ I really don't know what to call this recipe: Fauxtato casserole? Keto Hashbrown Bake? Do you have any other suggestions? Whatever we call it, it was just plain glorious! _ Ingredients: Sour Cre. Shredded Cheese. Raw shredded Daikon Radish. 1 egg (For thickening). @oooflavors mashed potato, garlic, and onion flavor concentrates. @realsaltketo. @porkkinggood crumbs. _ I mixed all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, and then threw it in my baking dish, and then topped everything with the original @porkkinggood crumbs. Baked @ 350° for one hour until the topping was nice and golden. _ es

Falun, Sweden

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Noah with his blue ribbon daikon radish #daikonradishes

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