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Remedy Skin and Body (@remedyskinandbody) Instagram Profile Photo

Remedy Skin and Body

Matthew Hand MD (@matthewhandmd) Instagram Profile Photo

Matthew Hand MD

Spokane, Washington

Amazing how naturally refreshed one can appear after midface and tear trough filler! #cosmeticdermatology

Camille Flemate, PA-C, MPAP (@coachcamillepa) Instagram Profile Photo

Camille Flemate, PA-C, MPAP

Kalia Dermatology and Laser Center

Is Botox just for treating wrinkles? No! There are so many uses for Botox! Today was a gratifying one! My patient who suffered from Bell’s Palsy 15+ years ago was left with a partial paralysis. You can see in her before picture the tightening of her mouth that doesn’t move vs the unaffected side shows her teeth when she smiles. She asked me if I could help give her a symmetric smile 😊. Today was her two week follow up and she was so delighted with the results! 😁 She exclaimed “My smile is even!” Do not underestimate the power of a smile! Botox is a protein that relaxes the hyperactive muscles on the normal side of the face and can temporarily restore some symmetry and improve appearance. The injections help patients temporarily restore symmetry and enhance their appearance. Contact me @coachcamillepa @kaliadermatology if you would like to come in for a consult or have any questions! paralysis #cosmeticdermatology

Dr. Ornella Appelstein (@dr_ornella) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Ornella Appelstein

Known as the ‘Vampire Lift’ 🧛🏻, the PRP or PRF - Plasma Rich Protein - combines plasma and platelets from your . After only 3 sessions😯 on her patient, her skin will look younger, smoother and her deep wrinkles will be softened. The treatment triggers the collagen production and is often combined with micro-needling for an optimal result.⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ . ⠀ #cosmeticdermatology

Dr. Seema Sheth, Dermatologist (@drseemasheth) Instagram Profile Photo

Dr. Seema Sheth, Dermatologist

Sheth Dermatology

Next in our series of Bad Botox: the Spocked Eyebrow 🤨🤨🤨 This usually results from too much Botox placed in the middle of the forehead, and not enough Botox placed in the lateral or sides of the forehead, causing these crazy looking brows! 😵 As an experienced injector, I try to predict muscle movement on initial examination, but once in a while this still happens! The important thing is to know how to fix it ✅. Usually a simple tweak can fix this problem - someone tell Taraji P. Henson 😂! . . . . . #cosmeticdermatology

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