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Shampoing Naturel Fait Au 🇨🇦 (@baina_pro_soins_capillaires) Instagram Profile Photo

Shampoing Naturel Fait Au 🇨🇦

Kora Rogers (@korarogers) Instagram Profile Photo

Kora Rogers

Marie | Cocktails & Adventures (@maisyjf) Instagram Profile Photo

Marie | Cocktails & Adventures

Hair w/ Riah (@hairwithriah_) Instagram Profile Photo

Hair w/ Riah

Kay so this is my go to wig wash process... I try to do this at least twice a week. Few major keys: 🔑 1. Make sure you are detangling your wig before you add any water to it to make the process easier 2. Only shampoo every once and a while 3. Be sure to let the conditioner sit on the hair for about 15-20 before washing it out 4. use luke warm - hot water when first applying conditioner.. rinse with cold water 5. Air dry your hair on a wig head to prevent frizz 6. try not to get water on your phone if you’re tryna record this lol “Snack”- Ms. Banks #conditioner

Dinar_NASA (@dinar_nasa) Instagram Profile Photo


PAKET ORLYN NASA Seger itu pas puasa gini,panas2 keramasnya pakai rangkaian dari Orlyn😘 🐩Rambut Rontok dan Berketombe? 🐩Rambut tipis/botak? 🐩Rambut gampang apek? 🐩Cocok nih untuk pria/wanita, cocok 🐩banget juga untuk Wanita berhijab Paket perawatan Kulit dan Rambut Kepala solusinya - Orlyn - Orlyn #conditioner - Orlyn Gunakan 1paket lebih optimal hasilnya Inbok me:PRODUK NASA 081232894259

Annas Hair Salon (@annashairsalonfulham) Instagram Profile Photo

Annas Hair Salon

Anna's Hair Salon

START YOUR DAY FRESH - CLEAN - SULFATE FREE ♻️🧴🚿 SHOP ONLINE at: It’s time to rethink your hair health! Arbonne True Hair products have been created with authentically healthy looking hair in mind. Don’t let your hair down, use clean formulas that help protect your hair from damage caused by environmental stress and heat styling by providing essential moisture. True Hair formulas give your hair everything it needs and nothing it doesn’t. #conditioner

마리얌 나비 (@uaekorea) Instagram Profile Photo

마리얌 나비

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

To try & I'm going towards less products for many reasons 1. Less 2. Environmentally friendly As 1. Shampoo & shower gel: 2. Aloe vera: #conditioner/ : : 😊🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃🍃😊 : : سأحاول و الى طريقي لحياة أقل تعاملا مع المواد المصنعه من أجل ١. التقليل من الأمراض ٢. ك ١. مسحوق و ٢. : و

Jo - Hair Artist | Toowoomba (@jofreethhairartist) Instagram Profile Photo

Jo - Hair Artist | Toowoomba

Do you colour your hair? Did you know if you colour your hair, you need to use the right shampoo & conditioner to prolong your colour and make it look healthy and shiny. Natural Look Colourance Shampoo, Conditioner & Mask Spray contains naturally sourced henna and wheat amino acids to protect your colour and make your hair soft & shiny. These products are 100% Australian made (manufactured in Adelaide) using organic, botanical ingredients. Vegan friendly. Cruelty free. Free from nasty chemicals and preservatives. #conditioner

Ogario London (@ogariolondon) Instagram Profile Photo

Ogario London

Orange for breakfast? Vitamin C helps the absorb iron. Iron helps the grow healthy hair.

Студия красоты “TWIST” СПб (@studia_twist) Instagram Profile Photo

Студия красоты “TWIST” СПб

Студия Красоты ТВИСТ

Знаете ли вы, что лаванда успокаивает и лечит кожу, укрепляет волосы и является незаменимым и полезным компонентом многих продуктов для ухода за кожей и волосами. Любите свои волосы и ухаживайте за ними с помощью экстрактов лаванды. ⠀ Профилактическая линия REBALANCING  от INsight Professional для кожи головы склонной к жирности, содержит органический экстракт лаванды. Глубоко очищает, восстанавливает баланс кожи головы и контролирует работу сальных желез. Обладает эффектным успокаивающим и смягчающим действием. #conditioner

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