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🦋 aka anna V 🦋

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La Espada Music Group🌹♠️

June 19, 1951. 68 years ago. President Harry S. Truman enacts the Universal Military Training and Service Act as a modified Military Selective Service Act which had been created on June.24/1948. This act extended the previous bill until July.1/1955 and was meant to help stregthen the U.S.A. in the Korean War by lowering the draft age to from 21 to 18. #coldwar

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Juan Mitilo

Cold war never ended and never will... #coldwar

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Gruver Capital Advisors

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From the FT: Which country is a real rival to the US – and are the US and China on the verge of a "new cold war"? The FT's Martin Wolf says the differences between today and the actual cold war, while real, are not that encouraging. He even says friction between the US and China might be even more damaging than the cold war. . . #coldwar

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Dougie Fresh 🤟🏼

Nothing like a backyard shower...🤦🏻‍♂️. #coldwar

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How can I stop myself when the lips are that inviting? I swear I smart, I just do things. #coldwar

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The Iron Curtain

1986 Chernobyl disaster. Radiological survey #coldwar

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