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Felipe Duarte (SOSSA) (@sossabjj) Instagram Profile Photo

Felipe Duarte (SOSSA)

Lɪsᴀ Cᴀᴍᴇʀᴏ (@lcameroart) Instagram Profile Photo

Lɪsᴀ Cᴀᴍᴇʀᴏ

Ibañez La Estamperia (@ibanez_laestamperia) Instagram Profile Photo

Ibañez La Estamperia

Bogotá, Colombia

☕🎉 mugs para la ocasión que necesites🎉☕ . 🔥¡Estampamos a tu gusto!🔥 . Diseños personalizados!!!🎨 Contáctanos por DM ó📩para mas info. Link en la Bio 👆 . . . . #coffeemug

Unique Designs By Naia (@udbnaia) Instagram Profile Photo

Unique Designs By Naia

Eli’s Renovation (business owner) Mug #coffeemug

Sweet Beatrix (@sweetbeatrix19) Instagram Profile Photo

Sweet Beatrix

I’ve hit a good solid burn out with clothes. Trying to get some of my hard goods listed. If you see something you like, send me a message and I can invoice you via PayPal. $12 . . . mug

Unique Designs By Naia (@udbnaia) Instagram Profile Photo

Unique Designs By Naia

Strong as a Mother Mug / Price $6.00 #coffeemug

K Leigh Pedersen (@creativeleighcrafts) Instagram Profile Photo

K Leigh Pedersen

Well that was fun. The small boy went off on his own unsanctioned adventure. Thanks to a neighbor who saw him running off we found him pretty quickly. Little fact about kids with Down Syndrome, some are runners. I have a runner. That kid tracks your every look and action and when he sees his opportunity, POOF!! It’s why we have child proof door covers. I’m frustrated, upset, and grateful all at once. Frustrated because I can’t handle this situation like I could if it was my daughter. Upset because for 5 whole minutes I had no idea where he was and that fear is overwhelming. Grateful for our small town and that our neighbors know where to find us. Now that I’ve completely word vomited my overwhelming feelings, this mug is back in the shop!! I’m still busting out orders. Smaller orders of 1-3 mugs are flying out the door. If you bought more than 3 in the sale then expect your shipping early next week. If you ever have any questions about your order or want to combine orders or anything like that I happy to accommodate! I’m going to go hug the small boy and have a drink. Enjoy the rest of your evening! 😘 mug

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