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Storm surges go overlooked during hurricanes, but can be the most dangerous and deadly portion. Meteorologists and storm chasers tend to focus on the high winds that can slice through housing structures like butter. A storm surge, though, is a different beast. ⠀ ⠀ When the high winds of a hurricane rip through the ocean, the water levels are disrupted. The high winds that come with a hurricane push down on the surface and suppress the water levels lower. When these storms are out in the heart of the ocean, the deep sea has no issue taking on the pressure. But when the storms move closer inland and the ocean floor is much shallower, that water can’t move downward, and it needs to find somewhere to go. ⠀ ⠀ Once in shallow water, the water being pushed by the high winds makes its way onto shore, and then keeps going inland. The distance the water will travel inland depends on the tide at the time as well as the force of the hurricane and its winds. But if you’re thinking to yourself it may travel a few hundred yards onto land, think again: the storm surge from Hurricane Ike in 2008 traveled 30 miles inland!⠀ ⠀ The high levels of water can be dangerous, but so too can the currents and marine life it brings with it. So while preparing for a hurricane, please keep in mind the possibility of a strong storm surge, even after the hurricane has passed!⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #claim

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Ever wondered if you can make a #claim for ? Your landlord must meet responsibilities to keep your home in a reasonable state of repair. But, we know the amount of information out there can get confusing. So, for a quick, simple overview of whether you can make a claim for housing disrepair, take a look at our latest blog post. #

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Wonder Ideas

Back Down😎 #Claim Your Crown👑

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from @gotthardskrog. Hela veckan kan ni njuta av Brännland Cider och deras nya iscider Claim! Ett glas tjusig iscider med getost, bipollen, bovete och verjushonung! @brannlandcider, @vinunic @vingruppen #claim

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