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Don’t sit and wonder what if... join me tomorrow night in Carlsbad and learn how your life could look completely different, one year from today. 💚 #choices

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#Breech #births should NOT be viewed as " - 1738200845721325799
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@sacredbirthdoula (@get_repost) ・・・ ~JUST ANOTHER VARIATION OF NORMAL~ should NOT be viewed as scary nor because in MOST cases if EVER allowed to unfold , it is not. are trained to make believe that a breech birth presentation is unsafe, with their . So most pregnant women, due to fear and lack of knowledge, adhere to this flawed medical advice and schedule a without attempting a Trial of when baby doesn't turn. A Trial of Labor is that you may be able to let birth unfold naturally at a hospital without procedures. Nature is ALWAYS best UNLESS/UNTIL the body needs assistance and that's ok at that point...not anytime before! procedures are performed at for the sole purposes of STRATEGICALLY creating an that would yield the medical industry more money. 1 out of every 3 expectant who at a hospital will end up with a and this is BY DESIGN. _ Here is my around birth...I recommend for all births to unfold naturally unless the expectant mom has a high risk pregnancy or if an emergency arises during or birth. Hospitals are ONLY for EMERGENCIES...but that should NEVER mean that an expectant mom should be denied her right to in a hospital setting. _ A gentle breech birth without fear is POSSIBLE...and should ONLY be done with and providers who are experienced in breech presentations and with a knowledgeable mom who is in a position to give informed . Although I am not giving advice, I am only raising to help BREAK THE of FEAR surrounding birth so that more women could know they have ...and that nine times out of ten they are making #choices out of and lack of. I was once there too. 🙏🏽☹️