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Wilsall, Montana

Found a good spot for the sticker AK-Builder sent me. I really enjoy running the lathe and building precision rifles, but there's something special about building AK's. Each one is like it's own little person. Unique in it's own way. .45x39 .62x39 #chineseak

Core-Vens Firearms Insurance Program

Izhmash AK-47 type 3 • Type 56 • East German MPi-KMS-72 ● The focus is on the Type 56 in this photo if you're wondering why the other two AKs are cut off. You will see similar settings from different angles in other photos that I'll post in the next few days/weeks. Enjoy for now!😊 #chineseak ・・・ @vintage.and.modern.firearms with @get_repost

Sold this last weekend, Norinco Mak90 its was a nice solid piece of machinery but I’m glad it went to the hands of a fine military fellow. I was able to buy another gun and have money left over. Sad to see it go. - - - - - #chineseak

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