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Sara Rauchel Denzer (@sararauchel) Instagram Profile Photo

Sara Rauchel Denzer

Charleston, South Carolina

Contrast! ✨ swipe for the processing picture!

Courtney Vanover (@courtney.vanover) Instagram Profile Photo

Courtney Vanover

West Ashley, Charleston

‘Always feeling something bigger, something real wild’ 🔆

Jamie-Lynn Kryah (@jamielynndidmyhair) Instagram Profile Photo

Jamie-Lynn Kryah

A New Hue Hair Boutique

✨Another day, another hair transformation for Jen! . . ☝🏼Let me tell you. This gal loves to change her hair. And I’m always DOWN FOR ALL OF IT! 🎨We’ve done dark, light, rose gold, silver, rainbows ✂️Short, long. ➿Textured, curled, smooth! SHE ROCKS IT ALL! . . 🏡Sadly, this just moved a few hours away. So we needed something beautiful and fresh, but would still grow in easy with her natural and 🙅🏽‍♀️LOW MAINTENANCE {{she’s scheduling her hair around her trips back to Charleston, because she’s amazing like that}} . . Heavy heavy babylights and back to the chair for three separate glazes melted to perfection 🙌🏼😍

Waxing the City-Mt Pleasant SC (@waxingthecitymountpleasant) Instagram Profile Photo

Waxing the City-Mt Pleasant SC

Charleston, South Carolina

Sweet, sweet, summertime ☀️ Summer officially starts tomorrow! Are you prepared? Make your waxing appointment today! 📸: @chdmag @calliedcphoto

Haircolor|Haircut|Balayage (@micaelamyershair) Instagram Profile Photo


Park Circle

Sometimes things don’t “work out” the way we thought. . . But in reality, our soul and spirit know our heart’s true north. . . There’s no point in fighting it or trying to change it because whatever will be will be and while we’re sitting there crying about what didn’t work out there are bountiful opportunities dancing right in front of our face that if only we looked up and shifted our grief to grateful we would see. . . It’s taken me a long time to thank the journey that brought me here. There’s really parts, just like anyone’s journey. For a long time I hated those parts, I wished they never happened and I wished I could change them...but why? . . If those hadn’t happened, I wouldn’t be here in this very moment filled with all the lessons that I’ve learned BECAUSE I had to make it through the jungle of parts of my story. . . And there will be new parts down the road, it’s not like one day you get “there” and suddenly it’s smooth sailing from here on out. There will always be a new “there” once you reach your old “there” so do yourself a favor and be grateful and at peace with being steps away from being “there” and enjoy the “now”. . . I know it’s hard, it takes daily practice and rituals and mindfulness and manifestation. . . But it will release your demons and help you see the truly magical journey that has been crafted specially just for you. . . It’s YOUR story. So love it, because you don’t get a rewrite. . . Love every moment, even the ones (Marie Kondo those bad boys, thank them and let them go!) and you will be released into a realm of gratefulness and peace.

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