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Retour d'un rallye Vosges Grand Est de folie, Manche de championnat de France qui tient toutes ses promesses avec en prime notre légende @sebloebofficiel Un WE de folie entre potes ! Hâte d'être au prochain @dimitri.mougel 😍 #cfdr

Janna MacKay (@jnnlghmr) Instagram Profile Photo

Janna MacKay

I did it! 🏃‍♀️🥵👍🏼Thanks for donating to #CFDR and supporting dietetic/nutrition research in Canada.

Janna MacKay (@jnnlghmr) Instagram Profile Photo

Janna MacKay

Whelp. Wish me luck! Thanks to everyone who donated to my CFDR fundraising efforts. There’s still time to donate. Link is down below. #cfdr

Mosquera, Cundinamarca

¡Cotidiano! . . . Día de retomar el pedal en mi bici mi primer bicicleta Fixed con una relación 47-15, es un regalo más que me dio la vida al lograr ser bueno haciendo esto que desde niño mi Padre me enseño a amar y hasta mis 19 o 20 años entendí que seria una por el resto de tiempo que la vida me permita rodar! Hoy mamá estreno su regalo, la pondremos a rodar hasta que logre a subachoque llegar! 🚲🚴‍♀️🇨🇴🙌💪💙 Días como este me hacen comprender que sin Familia la vida no seria igual, esta es la que mi padre formo... 🚲💙😎 . #CFDR . . . @kepiaacycling @gourmetandbike

Seasons Care Dietitian Network (@seasonscare) Instagram Profile Photo

Seasons Care Dietitian Network

2019 #CFDR Fun Run & Walk is right around the corner. Help dietetic research across the country by supporting SC President, Carol Donovan, with a pledge! Your donation of $40 or more will help push the boundaries of nutritional knowledge, improve dietetic practice + public health policies, and so much more! Donation link in bio - Thank you! * * * * * * * *

indiana george (jorge morales) (@indiana_george12) Instagram Profile Photo

indiana george (jorge morales)

Ied El Porvenir

Loving every step, the journey is beginning, new adventures and new knowledge is coming, here trying to make an impact over the good physical activity habits to reduce sedentarism, I love my profession #CFDR

Krista Westrick Payne (@parttimephdmom) Instagram Profile Photo

Krista Westrick Payne

Annual CFDR symposium time. This year's topic is the Intergenerational Transmission of Health. Webcast will be available @cfdr_bgsu #cfdr

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