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Tyler Ingram (@ti_mtac) Instagram Profile Photo

Tyler Ingram

AIWB Type 1 holster for a Glock 17 in OD green. This is so comfortable and concealable I almost want to hang up the 34 with Surefire X300U... Almost... this one is for sale, pm me for details! #ccw

I don’t know why my disposable camera pics don’t turn out like this... Posted @withrepost@mem_projects FIELD TEST: I reached out to @silverbackgunworks a few weeks ago because I couldn't find anyone to make me a holster for my first generation Rami. He quickly obliged and I decided to make another order for my P10c as I had just made a bunch of changes to it. Today those holsters arrived. This afternoon I hung out in my backyard to feel the holster out for the P10c. I began putting my usual reps in. There was no real adjustment there as I've been carrying a P10c for awhile now. However what did catch my attention was the loops. I've never used them before, instead opting for a fomi clip. My initial impressions of the loops are positive. I wear slim pants usually and I noticed that the loops offer a lot of stability. I've always felt that the fomi clips had too much slop in them, and made me a bit hesitant. Another thing to note is Ben's sparing use of material. There isn't extra kydex. He uses the most minimal amount of kydex, which I really appreciate. My P10-C is already large with all the extras, so less holster material the better. To be continued...... Special thanks to @silverbackgunworks for getting this done and @davemodzcustoms for the recommendation Support my friends: @999defense @top_shot_firearms_llc @opensrcdefense #ccw

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Tier 1 Concealed


What’s your favorite way to carry on a hike? 🏔 SPARA holster at 3 or 4 o’clock hugs your and has a slight forward cant to aid in the draw and re-holster. •

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🚘🔫☕️ 📷@ CHECK OUT & FOLLOW US ON FB 👍🏻👍🏻 Lets Make Cars, Guns, and Coffee Great Again!🚘🔫☕️ #ccw

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Gun Cop

@cmctriggers 🔥☀️ . . @republicrifle MC M81 cerakote 🌲 @boogeyman_customs Voodoo slide @cmctriggers trigger and barrel @polymer.squared stipple @trijicon RMR

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Royce V

United States

New EDC light, the @surefire_llc Stiletto! Loving it so far. Going to post up some more pictures with a review and comparison between my old light the @streamlightinc Protac 1L-1AA, also an awesome option!⁣ ⁣⁣ .⁣⁣ -@sigsauerinc P365⁣⁣ -@tier1concealed Axis Slim Holster ⁣⁣ -@surefire_llc Stiletto ⁣⁣ -@benchmadeknifecompany 915 Triage ⁣⁣ -@magpul DAKA Everyday Wallet ⁣⁣ -@suunto Core⁣⁣ . ⁣⁣⁣ #ccw ⁣⁣⁣

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Snow Owl Arms and Security

**Link to article below** In critical situations you may not always have two hands. I'm fortunate that Brian has run through practice drills with me where I not only used one hand but at some point had to switch and use my non-dominant hand. It can be awkward and takes some practice. It is something that should be addressed in Concealed Carry Classes and will be in our upcoming curriculum. ~Bex #ccw

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