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Do you see it? (Swipe left to see the entire image) If you look closely at the lower left you’ll see a Lynx spider sitting on a yellow top pitcher plant. Pitcher plants attract and capture insects to supplement the nutrients they need that is lacking in the poor soil of the bogs. Being an opportunist, the spider is hoping to catch an insect before it goes down the ol’ tube.😳 It reminds me of a jackal standing in the middle of a feeding pack of lions hoping for some scraps, and trying not to become part of meal itself. I’m horrible at naming my photos and feel like this photo needs a name... Angelique thinks I should name it “Missing Lynx”... any suggestions? #carnivorousplantsofinstagram

Fort Bragg Carnivores (@fortbraggcarnivores) Instagram Profile Photo

Fort Bragg Carnivores

Fort Bragg Certified Farmers Market

Pitcher Plant flower Bouquets!! Come see us at the 3-6 #carnivorousplantsofinstagram

nepenthes_and_sarracenia (@nepenthes_and_sarracenia) Instagram Profile Photo


Sarracenia x moorei Leah Wilkerson is still one of the best hybrids between flava and leucophylla, made by mother nature itself! Just stunning! plantsofinstagram

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D's Carnivorous Corner

Came to the wrong neighborhood! Was just coming in and saw this stink bug just hanging out... He's now lunch 😂😂😂

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