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Solomon.Trevino III (@solomongodson305) Instagram Profile Photo

Solomon.Trevino III

Alan Vargas 🇻🇪🇺🇸 (@alan305nf) Instagram Profile Photo

Alan Vargas 🇻🇪🇺🇸

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| Bass | باسل

I still remember every single detail about my accident that was on 7th January 2019. The moment I lost control of the car I remembered every single loved one in a matter of seconds while I was trying to control the car before it falls in a deep ditch with no seatbelt on. Unfortunately, I could'nt control it and there is nothing worse than the feeling of being the car while it was falling in the ditch and I had no option but to keep praying thinking that I will die as it is all over, that is what everyone would've thought if I did'nt stand back up on my by myself where noone can see me. Surprisingly, I did not pass out, I was on the floor and the car was upside down right behind me. I could barely breath or walk but I forced myself to run up the ditch and call for help. State trooper ce do to the report and the officer was exteremely shocked that I'm still walking on my with a big smile on my face and said that I will not get a ticket for not having the seatbelt on because , I would've been dead if I had it on and I questioned that just like you will, but is too great. I was feeling perfectly fine to the point that i asked them not to get the bulance and I waited for my friend to pick me up. I went to hospital knowing my head needs about 10 staples but I did not know that I had a bruise in my spleen at all! after doing all the x-rays, the doctor told me that I have to sleep at the hospital(which is one of the most things that stresses me out) until they make sure my spleen does'nt get ruptured.It was hard staying there not knowing what will happen to my spleen any second but I had to keep the smile on my face and faith in my heart all the time. In the end, it is all 's decisions and I very thankful to be here around the people I love and will always be even if I will live shortly after that accident, he gave me a chance to focus on my life and to warn me about my mistakes. So I'll take it right and will never look back at anything except that day I survived and the people that did not leave my side💙🙏 isgreat #caraccident

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Edelvis Cabezas


ESTO NO ES IMPORTANTE, pero tener mi contacto directo después de un accidente de auto si lo es . 👇 📲 305-204-1445 “Los 5 condados de la Florida 🌴 con mayor índice de accidentes por conductores distraídos con su celular 📱 -Wakulla -Walton -Orange -Duval -Akaloosa”. #caraccident

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Alan Vargas 🇻🇪🇺🇸

The NO FAULT Group

El hecho de que no tengas lesiones graves después de un accidente, no significa que no podemos ayudarte Llámame ahora para que mi equipo pueda explicarte todos los beneficios a los que tienes derecho contáctame: Alan vargas 305.680.7238 📱 Qualified associate The No Fault Group *no soy abogado ni brindo asesoría legal* #CarAccident

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Maggie C. Parsons, BA, JD

Tampa, Florida

THERE ARE SO MANY ADS... WHY ARE THERE SO MANY ADS?? . . I don't know how many times people have asked me.. "What do personal injury attorneys actually do? I see a lot of commercials but I have no idea how they can help me". 😑😑😑 . . That's because all these advertisements do is tell you that you need an attorney but they never tell you why?.. Do you really need an attorney? . . . Most of these commercials are so cheesy too.. like what happened to the production budget?? . . Back to the point I'm making.. Unfortunately.. some of these attorneys are simply interested in signing you up to their "billion dollar" inventory. As an accident victim, you're hoping that if you sign up with an attorney that your insurance claim is going to turn out better than if you were to handle it yourself. My passion is for helping victims, not my wallet. . . So I'm here to give it to you straight.. When do you really need an attorney? Remember these three rules: 1. If the accident affects more than the damage to your vehicle.. call an attorney. 2. If you're hurt in ANY way.. call an attorney. 3. If you cannot work and you're unsure how to provide for the people who depend on you.. call an attorney. . . These are very serious aspects of our life that shouldn't be taken lightly. . . Prestigious Personal Injury attorneys have a passion for pushing back on insurance companies that ARE TRAINED to push you around. If you have any questions regarding whether your insurance company has your best interest at heart.. hit the DM's 📤📤📤 and get some information that could help you and your family in your time of need.

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ATL Personal Injury Law Group

Like we promised, this month is all about summer safety and our June newsletter showcases helpful articles about how to enjoy the season safely ✉️ So check your inboxes, and if you haven't already make sure you sign up to receive our monthly newsletter. Just click the link in the bio to join today! . . . #caraccident

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Certified Legal Funding

No one provides legal funding FASTER! Call toll-free 800- 922-7439 to confirm if you qualify for legal funding.

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Angels Diagnostic Group

Angels Diagnostic

¿Alguna vez te has preguntado por qué tu médico decide ordenar un tipo de imágenes en lugar de otro? La resonancia magnética y el ultrasonido son dos modalidades que a veces se pueden utilizar para los mismos fines. Entender las diferencias entre ellos y las fortalezas y limitaciones de cada uno puede darte una idea de las razones detrás de la elección de tu médico. ● Diferencia en Tecnologías: Tanto la RMN como el ultrasonido tienen la ventaja de permitir a los médicos mirar dentro del sin el uso de radiación ionizante, la cual está asociada con un mayor riesgo de desarrollar cáncer. La RMN logra esto usando un poderoso imán para hacer que las moléculas de agua en el se alinien de manera que el escáner de la máquina detecte y se traduzca en una imagen tridimensional de lo que está sucediendo en el . El ultrasonido, por otro lado, transmite ondas sonoras de alta frecuencia a través del , y se crea una imagen al detectar los ecos, de manera muy parecida a la forma en que los murciélagos o los submarinos usan el sonar. ● Capacidades y limitaciones de las imágenes: Tanto el ultrasonido como la RMN pueden ser útiles para evaluar el estado de los órganos y los órganos blandos como los senos y los vasos sanguíneos. Sin embargo, las ondas de ultrasonido no se transmiten bien a través del hueso o el gas. Como resultado, la RMN se recomienda cuando los médicos necesitan ver lo que está sucediendo dentro o detrás de las estructuras óseas u órganos llenos de aire como los pulmones o el intestino. El ultrasonido ofrece la ventaja de producir imágenes rápidamente y en tiempo real, por lo que el movimiento se puede observar fácilmente en el ultrasonido. Las imágenes de RMN pueden proporcionar mayor detalle, pero estas imágenes consumen mucho tiempo para ser capturadas y son típicamente estáticas. #caraccident

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