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Harmonizer/Camila Stan (@explicitharmony_) Instagram Profile Photo explicitharmony_

Harmonizer/Camila Stan


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Camila is finally going on tour oMFG I'm so excited asdfgjkl 😫😔😏😏😍👏❤️ _ _ _ #camilaonellen


image by i got memes... (@hurricane_camilizer) with caption : "IM GONNA START A NEW ERA OF JUST LITTLE STATEMENTS AND SOME RANTS BECAUSE IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW BTW FOLLOW ME ASWELLL AN" - 1712394910567489703
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IM GONNA START A NEW ERA OF JUST LITTLE STATEMENTS AND SOME RANTS BECAUSE IM SO HAPPY RIGHT NOW BTW FOLLOW ME ASWELLL ANYWAYYY (Said/happened 1/25/2018) My parents agreed to getting me hayley kiyokos album... But the bundle i want has a hayley kiyoko pride flag, t-shirt with the cd cover the album of course and mp3 downloads but we dont have an mp3 player... So my family said no :( so i have to choose either the pride flag or the t-shirt... BUT I CAN'T CHOOSE!!!! (Said/happened 1/26/2018) I have been informed that my parents might buy me a mp3 player so i can get the bundle YAYYYYYY... AND THEY ONLY COST 8$!!! (Said/happened 2/11/2018) Turns out today we GOT THE MP3 PLAYER... But it was 15$... MY FAMILY STILL BOUGHT IT FOR ME THO BECAUSE THEY LOVE ME AND IM GONNA PRE-ORDER THE ALBUM ON MY BIRTHDAY!!! Even tho i kinda kinda went threw hell today im good :) because im gonna get hayley kiyokos album :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

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Okay listen ot4 stans The only reason i do not like ty and why some others dont like ty is because he talks about cheating on women in his songs and how who he cheated on the women and how she "found the rubber in the trash can" and all his tweets before are all about sexism and homophobia. Just because he is black doesn't mean EVERYONE hates him for that reason. But i do understand there are raciest people out there but dont assume that every person that doesn't like a black person is racist. And you shouldn't act like just because hes black he can get away with cheating ect. And it wasn't just camren shippers who were saying she "isn't bisexual" it was homophobic people who were triggered that one of there favs were gay and for the person that hacked lauren... Let me see... PROBABLY ISN'T A CAMREN SHIPPER! You cant blame camren shippers for everything that happens. Also before and STILL he likes other girls photos and was caught dm-ing another girl while with lauren!. dont believe me? Look it up. Also i think its groos that he faked his age and is 30 something. As for camila the guy is a LITERAL FEMINIST! And he treats women with respect. And teaches other men to treat women with the same respect you treat your friends his words not mine. And he is 30 i still think thats groos because he was 10 when she wasn't even a fetus. And im sorry he happens to be white. And not sexist or homophobic before yeah think about that you say before anything not everyone who doesn't like ty is racist and these are facts so stfu and gtfo k. bye.