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Israel Treviño Hernandez

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Highland Park, Texas

In need of a Dallas detox #bye

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Jun Tolibao

Las Vegas, Nevada

I will Starve my distractions. #bye . .


Hunter "Cacciatore" Espinoza

Brookwood Elementary School

Can we get a ”F” in the chat for Brookwood Elementary School #bye

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Michael Don

I’ll just leave this here.... #bye

Berlin, Germany

this.feeling 🌑🌑🌑 Listening to a song from your past and feeling like you’ve taken a time machine back to the exact moment when that particular song had significance in your life. Taking a break from a song you love long enough that you get to enjoy it again with fresh ears. Whatever that feeling is,when a song has come back into your life in a big way- should be bottled up and sold because it’s the world’s most perfect feeling. Finding a new song and knowing within the first 10 seconds that this song is going to be relentlessly repeated until the song loses its novelty or until your ears start bleeding, whichever comes first.. Having such a hard day and then putting on a song that takes your mood from bad to incredible, simply because of the energy of the music, then sitting back and holding reverence for the power that is music. Going through something difficult and finding a song that just GETS YOU SO MUCH it’s like, thank you music gods for understanding my struggle and delivering to me the most perfect anthem. Finding a song which is literally so heartbreaking you turn up the volume and cry it all out, as if you’re the one who experienced the behind those lyrics and melody. Finding a remix or an acoustic/live version of a favorite song that is just so good, it’s like you get to experience your favorite song in a whole new light. This feeling! This feeling is too good for words. Going to a concert and the energy in the room is so intoxicating and the music is so flawless that you are seriously outside of your in a whole different universe. Experiencing a musician’s live or acoustic performance of a song and it’s better than the recorded version, it’s just like, man, that is art in its purest form. Being a little and putting on that perfect song that compels you and your friends to lose your minds in the best way ever. But the perfect feeling is meeting your musical soul mate and all you two do is share music and every one of their recommendations is so unbelievably on point that it feels like you two share a language no one else understands. #bye

💟Keri Pait💟 (@keriii1231) Instagram Profile Photo

💟Keri Pait💟

FOR REALLL🤣It aint eva gonna change either BITCH lol So Get Over It LMFAO 🤣🤣🙏🙏 #BYE

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