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@megagoodvibesart and I made a sacrifice during last night's witching hour. Lucky for @papa_saten, the spirits were pleased with his devotion and allowed him to live. 📸: Sage Rope: #burner

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Burning Man

Day 20: Burning Man prep fully underway for 2019! Time to go home. Neon Buttsouls making a come back. #burner

Albuquerque, 2019. I never really drink and paint, but after getting chased out of a spot by the buff, then going to another spot to find it flooded out, there wasnt much else to do to pass the time. Still a fun day with good people though. #burner

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Ryan Spencer

Since Instagr doesn’t allow me to use my own music please enjoy the sounds of every day gym life and repetitive alternative music🤗 • • • • Also @wittyidiot this ones for you🤪💪🏼🤳🏽 I also don’t have everything together but at least I have the strength and confidence to take videos of myself in front of other people okurrr💃🏽 (I’m not taking it personally though) • • • • • Today’s upper demolisher is brought to you by @cristinacapron Mini Summer Challenge 2019- we are on week 3 day 4 and man I FEELING IT🔥🔥🔥 Those front to lateral bicep curls had me sweating for SURE💦 and those straight arm rope push downs at the end were a burner....excited to finish strong on week 3 tomorrow and head into week 4?!?! Did June even happen??📆 • • • • #burner

Lakes of Fire

This is our Effigy going up in flames at Lakes of Fire last weekend. I attend Burns for the community, the art, the lessons, & the impermanence. This Conclave as I watched the magnificent show, I asked myself “what can I let go of now?” & the moment I asked, I began to see empty shells of my past self floating away with whisps of smoke & embers. I saw desperation, pleading, discontent, anxiety, emptiness, helplessness, fear, confusion, reliance, & escapism dancing through the night sky, holding hands & glowing powerfully until they merged as one bright light. In my bare feet I stomped around the fire with my demons. I reached my hands up & held the darkness tightly in my heart. I thanked them as I sweat & smiled ear to ear. Calls to Spirit howled out of my subconscious as I shook & swirled & surrendered. When I tired, I returned to my tapestry to catch my breath. “I release you” I whispered. • • • • • • • What can you let go of? • • • • At On Being a Human Retreat we will be creating our own sacred fire ritual - letting go of old stale versions of our story to make space for growth & openness. • • • • • er

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💖Bespoke Sparkly Garments

Raw Natural Born Artists

Comfort, warmth and being fabulous really can be juxtaposed together when humans put there mind to it . Don’t be the person shivering for fashion, and don’t be the one that looks like they forgot that 50% of life in winter is night time and cold. Hit the nail on the head as the days become night and dazzle passers by with a garment that so many others dream to own. Make one yours and look forwards to the cold! . 💰 Afterpay, PayPal and all the other usual payment options are on the site . @katkaethryn rocked this coat to the point of perfection... I couldn’t have dreamed of a more magical display of awesome. Thank you 💖 @rawaustralia with jewellery from @tigera.designs

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Reagan Stafford-Tarin

Last week, Joe and I were in Michigan for our home burn @lakes_of_fire Going to and it's regional events like Lakes of Fire is - for me - like going to church camp. I get to immerse myself in a community of like-minded dreamers, world changers, artists, performers, creators, builders, musicians, lovers. I come back to the default world ready to bring the with me and energized to be the change I want to see in the world! That said, the first week home is hard. Decompression is tough. I miss the magic, the spontaneity, the dance parties, the quick-to-form but long-lasting friendships. I'm so lucky though - I have a wonderful little 🦄 who loves to dress up in onesies, get silly, paint our faces, shake our booties, and create our own magic. She's got a #burner soul and helps to ease that transition!

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