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🔥BREATHING AND TRIGGERS MOST IMPORTANT🔥 - This is a 2 parter. - Breathing is to help control the mind so fear does not overcome. - The triggers are part of this and must be practiced. Use visualization. - Teach your students to understand their strengths and weaknesses. When to engage and when not to. - Your students need to know how to fight with maximum prejudice and a love of violence. - Always operate within a framework of certainty and reality. Understand what works for you may not work for a 90 pound woman. - Understand also what happens after a crime. Navigating emotions, procedures and how the whole thing is processed by the authorities if you’re lucky enough to be alive. - Do not go home and shower or clean yourself. - Tell your students to also have a notebook and pen on hand to write down what happened as soon as possible. It will make the whole investigative process easier. - This info needs to be told too to have real world application.

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Jukou Sensei In Miyakonojo dojo. #budo 【渡口政吉先生が最後に創作された合掌の型】 平川樹高先生は、1976から23年間、渡口政吉先生が亡くなるまで空手の指導を受け認められた弟子です。 結婚式の仲人や家族ぐるみの付き合いして長年の間、信頼関係を築きました。 渡口先生が1988年に尚禮館 都城本部に3ヶ月間ほど滞在した時に「合掌の型 」が完成しました。 この型の特徴は、非暴力を体現する禅の思想が盛り込まれている動きなのでその場からほとんど動く事なく静かな型です。 空手は仏教と禅の深い関わりから生まれたものです。私達が普段感謝の気持ちを両手で合わす合掌。これは、インドの古い礼法であり仏教では仏、菩薩などの礼拝、挨拶、感謝、尊敬を表すのに使われています。 渡口先生は、その仏教の僧侶である弟子の平川先生にこの型を伝授しました。 このような経緯がありこの「合掌の型 」は、あまり多くの人には知られていません。 先生はその礼儀としての「合掌」が空手の基本と常に話されていました。 ※映像は途中まで。 宮城長順先生の構想を元に渡口政吉先生が創作された型の一覧 ◾︎撃砕 第三 ◾︎撃破 第一 ◾︎撃破 第二 ◾︎鶴破 第一 ◾︎鶴破 第二 ◾︎白鶴の型(白鶴) ◾︎白鶴の舞 ◾︎合掌の型 English message 【Seikichi Toguchi sensei was last created Gassho-no-kata】 Gassho-no-Kata is Toguchi Sensei's last creation Kata. Shoreikan Miyakonojo honbu H. Jukou sensei is a special disciple who received guidance from karate until Seikichi Toguchi sensei died for 23 years from 1976. For many years he has established a relationship of trust with a wedding matchmaker and family member. When Toguchi Sensei stayed in Shoreikan Miyazaki Miyakonojo Honbu Dojo in 1988 for Three months, "Gassho-no-Kata" was completed. The characteristic of this Kata is the movement that incorporates the idea of ​​Zen embodying nonviolence. So it's a quiet type with little movement from the spot. Karate was born from the deep involvement between Buddhism and Zen. The hands that we usually adhere to our feelings of gratitude with both hands. This is the old Indian law, and in Buddhism it is used to express worship, greetings, thanks and respects such as Buddha and Bodhisattva. Toguchi sensei gave this Kata to H. Jukou Sensei of his disciple Buddhist monk. Because of this circumstance, "Gassho-no-Kata" is not known to many people. The teacher was always spoken of "Kanpo - Gassho" as its courtesy with the basics of karate. 「We are communicating traditional Toguchi Seikichi Sensei's Shoreikan in Japan.」 ※The picture is halfway. 合掌=Gassho=principal rafter