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#buddhism Четырёхлетний Его Святейшество Далай-Лама 🙏🏻

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Michele Paiva| Be Love

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Giorgia Angela Davighi

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experiencing a Collective shift through personal transformation by Paul Lenda October 12, 2017from Shift Website Looking all around us we can see that things are changing in a very significant way. On both personal and collective , it looks like we are living in a time of fundamental change and transformation, the end result of which is yet to be determined by our collective actions. Given the incredible rise in popularity and sophistication of social media in recent years, we can see ourselves living at a time of to use this tool in a way that can significantly accelerate the consciousness shift. What each of us can do to ensure we steer humanity towards a bright future rather than some other undesirable timeline, is to do our part by shifting our consciousness towards unity rather than separateness. By doing so we can transform our lives and our world for the better. Our future is being defined right now with the choices we make on both a personal and a collective level. How do we ensure we make the best choices? By going within and taking the inner path to outer transformation. Going inward, through practices such as meditation, can help us discover the of everything… a critical realization if we are to experience a positive paradigm shift. In fact, the idea of everyone affecting everyone else because of consciousness being an interconnected matrix is something that nearly every major belief system has based a teaching which has come to be known as the Rule on, from #Buddhism to to . is perhaps the most important realization that we as a whole must have if we are to have a bright future. By being mindful of our connectedness with each other and our environment, we pave the way for transcendental growth. If a critical mass of people have this one realization, the world can be affected in such a way that each person can help in creating a society-changing positive global consciousness shift by personally changing how he or she thinks and acts to reflect an interconnected worldview. If we look around

Michele Paiva| Be Love (@drmichelepaiva) Instagram Profile Photo drmichelepaiva

Michele Paiva| Be Love

Michele Paiva| Be Love (@drmichelepaiva) shared  Image on Instagram - 1719842119400019991
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