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Synchro Productions (@synchro_productions) Instagram Profile Photo

Synchro Productions

Pangoro flipin touches Lucario’s A hole. Classic border security... • Also thanks to everyone for all the support on the last post. It really means a lot to all of us. It means even more cause some of you checked out the YouTube from it which is just the motivation we needed! • A(T)ags: dad 🌈 #bringbacknationaldex

Gino Raz (@ginorazic) Instagram Profile Photo

Gino Raz


FUCK I WANT PEOPLE TO SEE THIS ! CREDIT IN VID ————————————————— -edits not mine #bringbacknationaldex

Satoshi X Red (@satoshi1990_) Instagram Profile Photo

Satoshi X Red

Not bringing back the national dex... hurts.. Not bringing back breeding pokemon from the eggs would be even worser... #bringbacknationaldex

Oliver Hunter (@oliver.ghostri) Instagram Profile Photo

Oliver Hunter

Hoopa ♡ ...I rly hope GF do something about the "no National Dex in Sword/Shield" stuff #bringbacknationaldex

Pokemon sparkling water :o #bringbacknationaldex

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