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Isma Hanifa Ma'ruf (@hanifaism) Instagram Profile Photo

Isma Hanifa Ma'ruf

Federica Orlandi (@fedelefreaks) Instagram Profile Photo

Federica Orlandi

Federica Orlandi (@fedelefreaks) Instagram Profile Photo

Federica Orlandi

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Individually Wrapped

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Zero Waste Tanzania

Did you know? from @breakfreefromplastic ... "About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered by oceans, and some corporations treat them better than others." via @usatoday Top polluters identified by #breakfreefromplastic brand audits! READ more by clicking the link in our bio! . . . . 📸: @annaflorsdefum ♻️

Planet Bamboo™ (@bam.boo_planet) Instagram Profile Photo

Planet Bamboo™

Look what we found in the middle of the Pacific Ocean — hey , ? Flood Coke’s account with comments telling them to #BreakFreeFromPlastic! 📷: . . . . ? #BreakFreeFromPlastic!

Earth & Friends (@earthandfriends) Instagram Profile Photo

Earth & Friends

We must start to refuse the plastic packaged goods so that the manufacturer will be forced to start working towards more sustainable alternative. Hey corporations, I found something with your name on it! ? . Help stop plastic pollution at the source. . Join 👉@earthandfriends & support us in spreading awareness to stop using cling wraps as well. Switch to Reusable Products only. . . . . #BreakFreeFromplastic #BreakFreeFromplastic

Antoinette Taus (@antoinettetaus) Instagram Profile Photo

Antoinette Taus

Las Pinas - Paranaque Critical Habitat and Eco-Tourism Area

Diana and Rembel were enjoying the morning swimming along the beaches of when they saw us doing a coastal clean-up. They instantly decided that helping us clean was more important, and started surprising us with items they collected from the sea of disposable plastic trash. 🙏🏼😭💔 It is not their job to clean up our mess. They deserve better than the world we are leaving them with. Every single decision we make on a daily basis has an effect on their future. Whether it be throwing our litter in the proper bins, conserving energy, saying no to single-use plastics, or being conscious about the products we buy - the power is truly in our hands. But before we can create change, we must believe that we truly can make a difference as individuals, and most importantly, collectively. TOGETHER we have the power that can change the future of the world for the good of people and the planet. _________________ ❤️ @PlanetCORA is proud to be the official partner for @Rémy.Cointreau Philippines’ annual ! We are deeply grateful to all the volunteers that showed up for our to help even on a week day! You are our heroes! _________________ 🌏 COASTAL CLEAN-UP DATE | Thursday / June 20 / 7am LOCATION | Las Pinas - Paranaque Critical Habitat (LPPCHEA) or “Freedom Island” VOLUNTEERS | 50 + COLLECTED | 200+ KGS OF VARIOUS FORMS OF PLASTIC WASTE _________________ 🇵🇭 To join the movement in the Philippines, follow: . 🌏 @PlanetCORA // ♥️ @WeAreCORA // 🌱 @TheSustainablePlanet // 🌊 @CleanSeasPilipinas VOLUNTEER WITH US: _________________ #BreakFreeFromPlastic

Chez Rafter (@chezrafter) Instagram Profile Photo

Chez Rafter

Gold Coast, Queensland

After the heavy rain last night🌨I filled 2 large garbage bags and 2 buckets with . I was quite overwhelmed by the enormity of what poured down from the creeks and sea 😢 Mr Rebellion🙋 helped me today because I was on foot but I'll be (kayaking tomorrow) We both litterpicked the end of 5 canals 💑 and I'm yet to collate it all. C'mon Aussies join us in cleaning up the environment and in doing so saving precious wildlife and showing the next generation how to care for the planet 🌏 #breakfreefromplastic    

EstoPrint - Green Packaging (@estoprint) Instagram Profile Photo

EstoPrint - Green Packaging

Veinipudeli kotid, ka fototrükiga! Wine bottle bags: - order quantity 100pcs and more - print up to CMYK (photoprint) with water-based eco-friendly inks - delivery time from 3-4 weeks #breakfreefromplastic

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