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AMANDA NYMAN | HEALTH COACH 💎 (@amanda_nyman31) Instagram Profile Photo


Of COURSE there’s going to me many struggles along the way as you decide to rise up to higher levels of growth. There will be days, maybe even weeks where you want to throw in the towel (maybe you already have). There will be days where you doubt the process and doubt that you’re making any progress at all. BUT, you must NEVER quit! Great leaders don’t blame the tools they’re given. . . They work daily to sharpen them not only to build themselves up, but to build others up along the way! Never lose your spark 🔥

Everett Hoffman (@fp.everett) Instagram Profile Photo

Everett Hoffman

Boston, Massachusetts

A little passive tension goes a long way. My client is a dancer and routinely felt in her left QL and up along her spine, the scar of an old motorcycle injury. She started with an almost exaggerated TVA disengagement- it felt entirely foreign to connect to it. We applied @functionalpatterns breathing, correctives, chambers and after only a month of training (along with a few tough conversations as to why her habits of stretching and “fitness” classes were failing her) she’s decompressing and free. As we shift towards more complex dynamic movement she is quickly learning new patterns, her dancer’s competency starting to shine. She says as she dances, she’s beginning to feel the connections we’ve been training- that myofascial force transmission propelling her through space in a union of art and functionality. #bostondancers

Boston Bollywood (@bostonbollywood) Instagram Profile Photo

Boston Bollywood

We are back on popular demand! Intermediate series begin from July 10! Reserve your spot now on . . #bostondancers

Alive Dance Collective (@alivedancecollective) Instagram Profile Photo

Alive Dance Collective

Ever wanted to dance with us? Good news! We’re seeking new members! Contact us at to express interest or with any questions! rs

En Canto Brazilian Orchestra (@encantobrazil) Instagram Profile Photo

En Canto Brazilian Orchestra

Boston, Massachusetts

Woohoo! We can’t wait to play for all the forrozeiros at @forrofestusa 💥💃🏻🇧🇷🎼🇺🇸🕺💥Four days of forró workshops with amazing teachers and dancing to live forró music every night. The largest forró festival in the US—don’t miss it! rs

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