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💥 Derniere Actu RapMusic 💥

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Eric Sciotto

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Mike Rubin

US & Japanese posters for Arthur Penn’s 1967 bank-robber biopic BONNIE AND CLYDE with Faye Dunaway & Warren Beatty, on @turnerclassicmovies DVR with No. 1 Son

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Shannon Fox

BIG 3 means BIG things! Being a nurse, I sometimes feel like I’m missing so many things being at work and with her being in school. But, I see her growing and being her amazing self when I get her in my arms. She’s learning to write her letters! She picked the bow for today. She has NEVER picked the bow and I swore it would last only 5 minutes... it lasted the WHOLE DAY!!!!!! This girl is changing every day and surprising me all of the time. Keep me on my Kennedy Rose 🌹. Keep crushing 3. #bonnieandclyde

Not really a movie review just movie appreciation. I remember seeing Bonnie sand Clyde for the first time as a teenager and A) thinking Warren Beatty was a godsend, completely incredible and B) Faye Dunaway was the be all end all of womanhood. Her haircut, her clothes, her pout...I completely envisioned myself growing up to be her...minus the violence and criminal history. This movie is such a classic. They’ve made variants, Natural Born Killers, Thelma and Louise and even True Romance but Hollywood can never truly remake this. • • • #bonnieandclyde

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Desiree Lyon

My prince turned out to be a King and little did he know that his princess would be a Cajun Queen @dj_klyde #bonnieandclyde

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