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Blake Williams

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Kelly Moriarty

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Deniz Gedik

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🦋Judy Marie Vasquez🌻

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H a n n a h L a r k i n

H a n n a h  L a r k i n (@hannlark) Instagram Profile Photo

H a n n a h L a r k i n

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Mermaid Abigail

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Kelly Talhas

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Paula Zeberio

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Sarah Mauelshagen

If your a guy and have only thought the adductor and abductor machines are just for women. You're wrong. Because i have a good solid squat i can max out the machines at 100kg. They allow me to focus on control and time under tension without risking injuryto my knees or back. If you want to increase your control with a deep squat but have in your knee's or back, then these 2 machines are great. They also help with hip adduction and abduction without having your squat form suffer. I always hit these resistance machine's on leg day even of I've alreasy done . They are a great addition to a leg workout, why not give them a try. SMALL CONSISTENT CHANGES EQUALS BIG SUSTAINABLE RESULTS. , , #bodypositivity, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Dahra Loonpae

อาหารจริงจัง มื้อแรกของวันนี้ได้กินตอน เกือบ 6 โมงเย็น จ้ะ..คุณพระ ได้ สุกี้แห้งไก่ ไม่เอาเส้น ขอผักลวกแยกมาอีก กินกับ พริกกรอบของ @cleanparadise รสต้มยำ เด็ดมาก!! ชอบพริกร้านนี้ ตรงที่ ไม่มันเลย แล้ว เป็นชิ้นใหญ่ๆ เคี้ยวแล้วกรอบสนั่น นัวปากมาก! มีแคลอรี่ สารอาหารบอกชัดเจน ใครกังวลเรื่องนี้หายห่วง ♥️ . ก่อนหน้านี้ ตอนบ่ายโมงอย่างแรกที่ตกถึงท้องคือ แกนสับปะรดของโปรด 5555 ต่อด้วย แจงลอน 1 ไม้ กับผลไม้อีกนิดหน่อย ค้าบ

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Amber Dietz

You have the same 24 hours as everyone else. Time management has been one of my biggest gains since committing to better using my time a few years ago. I strongly believe we have time for the things we make a priority. Are you prioritizing the things most important to you? #bodypositivity

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Every Body Netherlands

Be yourself, it's the best you can be.

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Chiara Mazzacuva

Turin, Italy

L’altro giorno stavo guardando su @netflixit il film “Voglio una vita a forma di me”. La protagonista è Willowdean, soprannominata dalla madre “Polpettina” (Dumplin’, nel film in lingua originale). È una in sovrappeso con una difficile eredità da gestire, infatti la madre Rosie (Jennifer Aniston) è un’ex reginetta di bellezza. Will è spesso presa in giro dai compagni di scuola per via del suo sovrappeso e la madre stessa desidera che la figlia dimagrisca. Willowdean decide, quindi, di partecipare a un concorso di bellezza, di cui la madre è giudice, come atto di ribellione verso la madre e verso determinati canoni estetici. La , sebbene non voglia diventare “la Giovanna d’Arco delle ciccione” - come dice lei stessa nel film - cercherà di fare di tutto per arrivare alla finale del concorso e dimostrare che oltre all’aspetto fisico ci sono altre qualità. Magari non sarà un “filmone” ma è un film che ci aiuta a riflettere e riesce ad affrontare con leggerezza un tema sempre più attuale: la fiducia in se stessi. Amiamoci, indipendentemente dal nostro peso o dalla forma del nostro corpo, o almeno proviamo a farlo. Designed by @aletterintime #bodypositivity

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Warriortees| Sam

ALL your favourite soft and snuggly lounge sets have a massive SALE at £25 a set instead of £38 and your free UK postage too. Grab your set quickly. Sometimes we just need a good pair of comfy Pjs or Lounge wear to throw on and live in that day. Go on the school run in; laze around in; PJ days matter.. and selfcare is not selfish!! ⚡💜

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