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Defne Oguz (@riverdale017) Instagram Profile Photo riverdale017

Defne Oguz

image by Defne Oguz (@riverdale017) with caption : "#cheryl#blossom#blackhood#instagram#" - 1783786402867363338
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Jessica Lassance | (@littlej13) Instagram Profile Photo littlej13

Jessica Lassance |

image by Jessica Lassance | (@littlej13) with caption : "i’ve got a sunshine on a cloudy day 🌤🌺" - 1783786345540320971
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i’ve got a sunshine on a cloudy day 🌤🌺

Troy-Keryn Thompson-Wilson (@ttkkwilson) Instagram Profile Photo ttkkwilson

Troy-Keryn Thompson-Wilson

image by Troy-Keryn Thompson-Wilson (@ttkkwilson) with caption : "Zoomed... Art... #oregon #zoomed #art #flower #blossom #nature #beauty #nofilterused #passionflower" - 1783785974174940272
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image by Ellen Mello (@ellenmellooficial) with caption : "🌺🌺" - 1783785765182728111
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Sherri Chatfield (@chatfieldsjewelry) Instagram Profile Photo chatfieldsjewelry

Sherri Chatfield

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Cool new Blossom style that Jay came up with today!! He wasn’t finding the inspiration to create his usual - which is when the new ideas and designs seem to come 😎 This one is up for grabs, nice and substantial sterling and pretty turquoise!! Check out the one he made earlier @_chatfields - Message me for details please 💛✌🏼 - - #blossom

João Alves (@joaoalvessn) Instagram Profile Photo joaoalvessn

João Alves

image by João Alves (@joaoalvessn) with caption : "Niver de Malu 🐩❤" - 1783784650142383066
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Niver de Malu 🐩❤