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Serien_Junkie (@serien_nerd) Instagram Profile Photo serien_nerd



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I'm obsessed with this game! 😍 -------------------------------------- Credit: @oof.spudnick 😄 edit


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(May have to turn up brightness)It makes me sad that such an amazing game doesn't have very many edits. Then again, it is a little difficult. Song: Dark Eyes (Original Mix) Hashtags: edit


[EN] [EDGE] (Louise) (@hella_hawke) Instagram Profile Photo hella_hawke

[EN] [EDGE] (Louise)

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~greetings, hunter~ ----------------------- -have this spooky scrap while I work on lauren's belated b-day edit

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Did someone say favorite boss in Bloodborne/best girl? -sxma🍂 • Kinda late night vent because all the bad things happen to the good people..... • Late night editing is a normal thing now. Deal with it. Almost daily editing is also a thing now. Deal with it • I’m getting better....I think.... • • • edit