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Bhakti lata (@bhaktilata) Instagram Profile Photo

Bhakti lata

"Yesterday was the 4th Kirtan Connection graduation. This course was unreal, really unreal. Like, holy freakin' moly. I stopped even paying attention to the homework and attendance roster. Everyone was going so beyond the minimum requirements, it was almost silly to have them check it off. The mood of cooperation and service ongst the ladies was truly so powerful to experience. Over 40 guests ce - friends, fily, coworkers - and many had never even stepped foot inside the Bhakti Center. The graduates hosted the event and served prasad classical Vaishnava style to everyone. It's so easy to devolve when the pressure is on. But time and time again I saw each lady submit, open up, and cooperate. The service attitude was out of this world. Truly. Such a mood of selflessness, joy, caring, cooperation, lightheartedness and fun. I received feedback from two separate people how there was such a sense of ownership ong the graduates, that this was THEIR graduation. They were living and breathing this experience and taking full responsibility for those who ce, and each other. This is kirtan. This is Vaishnava culture. It's beautiful. Wondrous. I deeply grateful to have been able to serve in this capacity. Every step of the way has been a joy and a learning experience. Just wow. Thank you Srila Prabhupad. Thank you Krishna." Volume 83/103, June 2015, NYC Age 28 . . #blessedtoserve

Blessed Brothers Cafe (@blessedbroscafe) Instagram Profile Photo

Blessed Brothers Cafe

Siapa yang suka banget dimsum? Untuk kalian para pencinta dimsum, ada acara seru nih di @blessedbroscafe . Calling out all Dimsum Lovers! @id.kiddo presents DIMSUM FLANEL WORKSHOP Wed, 26 June 2019 10.30 - 12.30 Place : Blessed Brothers Cafe Price: 250K #blessedtoserve

YWAM Perth Mission Builders (@ywamperthmissionbuilders) Instagram Profile Photo

YWAM Perth Mission Builders

Currently we have a few mission builders with us. We are always blessed to have help in the kitchen! #blessedtoserve

D.J. Petersen (@d_petersen91) Instagram Profile Photo

D.J. Petersen

It is so awesome and I'm so blessed to have the opportunity to help out and serve at all these events. Seeing the community come out and seeing my friends/church family enjoy them self's is so awesome. #BlessedToServe

I so very grateful to have a job - or as I consider it, a calling- in life that allows me to share my heart and hope with others. Some days it is hard to see people in pain, lose limbs and abilities, and in situations outside their control. Sometimes I cannot help them resolve issues, and cannot always make things “all better.” That is truly hard for me to sit with. But what I can do is show them compassion, sit with them in their stories, and help them find their own resilience. And in being there in the hard, I find just how much their lives - and mine - really move toward the better. #blessedtoserve

Dennis Quinn (@djquinn93) Instagram Profile Photo

Dennis Quinn

🔥🔥Officially Under Contract Within 2 Days of Listing🔥🔥 Contact me if you are looking to sell or purchase a home. 803-201-4504 🏠 #BlessedtoServe

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