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Melanie Del Monte (@meldelmonte34) Instagram Profile Photo

Melanie Del Monte

ARE YOU STUCK ??? 😱 Do NOT have your blinders on !!! I had mine on for 6 years. I want to share this with you because so many of us Network Marketers are stuck but afraid to take a look at other opportunities. I was that person, I was stuck and I didn’t realize that I was actually sitting in the wrong vehicle 🚗 I believed my first company was the Ultimate deal! The Best and the only way!! And to a certain point we have to believe this is true. You have to stand behind your company, be passionate about what you do, but do not be so stubborn as I was and keep sticking around, doing the se thing over and over and have the se results. Clearly the definition of insanity!!! Today I ask myself why I was grinding it for six years. Six years, that is a long time !! My business never really took off and it wasn’t for the lack of effort. I was a hster in a wheel, running and getting nowhere!! Yet, I still had my blinders on. 🙄🙄 Should I walk away after 6 years ?? The fear of the unknown was overwhelming and instead of taking actions I choose to stay with what was filiar and comfortable, even though I was miserable. So silly!! Or actually pretty 😩 When I got to a fork in the road May of last year I started peaking through the blinders for the very first time. And guess what, I took a look at another opportunity and almost fell of my chair 😂 because it sounded to good to be true. Even though I saw that there might be something better suited for me, it still took me 2 month to win the battle with myself and go for it! I sharing this because I want to make those of you that are stuck aware, that there is more out there. It’s a matter of taking the blinders off and always be open to opportunities that present themselves. Being stuck is an awful feeling and super frustrating. Let me tell you, there is more and there is the perfect fit for you !! Go find it !! After six years I found my vehicle, my perfect fit. I beyond grateful I took a look !! 👀 #beyourbestself

Bridgette Moore (@be._.moore) Instagram Profile Photo

Bridgette Moore

Quote by @michaelhyatt A lot of things we feel and do were things that were taught to us. These moments could have been huge or very very small. Little phrases like “keep dreaming!” Or “maybe you should pick a goal that is more realistic,” those train our brain to think smaller. As you go about your day, pay close attention to your reactions to everyday things and if you notice yourself shrinking yourself or someone else down, stop and change course. Make a habit of thinking that everything is achievable, no matter how big the idea is. And if you aren’t sure then start smaller until you get used to the idea and build up to it. Decide you’re going to learn something new- maybe you want a whole garden but you think you don’t have a green thumb. So pick one plant. One single plant. Research that plant and work to keep it alive and thriving for a few months. If you it try again! Or try a different kind of plant! Once you feel comfortable, add a second one- and so on and so forth. Before you know it, that garden will be thriving! #beyourbestself

The Village

It’s okay to be a wildflower or a in a garden of roses. 🌸🌼🌻🌸🌼🌻🌸🌼 . . . . A non Disney post for today. I’m sure many of us have felt at times that we weren’t pretty enough, or smart enough, or successful enough, or good enough. We are our biggest and most harshest critic. We tend to constantly judge ourselves in the mirror, comparing ourselves to others, and focusing on all the negative things we don’t like, instead of all the things we do like. I know that social media can play a big part in this distorted perception and perspective of how we see ourselves. . . . . I want to remind you to L.O.V.E Yourself. Love all the things that make you different or quirky, because you are a Rare Beauty and that’s what makes you unique and special. You are beautiful in every single way. Never let your followers or likes on your instagram determine your worth. Stay positive. . . . . rbestself

LM • Writer • Yoga Teacher (@laurievmcallister) Instagram Profile Photo

LM • Writer • Yoga Teacher

London, United Kingdom

My fave @sobergirlsociety posted this this morning. Fuck yes was my response!! Here for the good, sober times. Off to see Fleetwood Mac tonight and I cannot wait!! Enjoy the rest of Tuesday everyone xxxx

Heather Higgins (@colorado_canyonite) Instagram Profile Photo

Heather Higgins

Big Magic Healing Arts

Recharging Reiki stones after a powerful session this morning ✨ Did you know that Reiki means Universal Life Force Energy in Japanese? During a Reiki session I act as a hollow bone, channeling this energy through me and into you, direct from the Source 🙌🏼 I was trained by Eagle Eyed Snake Woman, a Native American Medicine woman who taught me the power of the Stone Clan People, and so the stones assist me in my Reiki sessions. They plify, balance, and heal; I so grateful for their help 💗 See link in profile to visit my website and book a session today! #beyourbestself

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