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Check-in Check-out Travel (@checkinecheckout) Instagram Profile Photo

Check-in Check-out Travel

Despina Charalampidou (@despina_ch) Instagram Profile Photo

Despina Charalampidou

Katty Plata (@katty_plata) Instagram Profile Photo

Katty Plata

Do you love traveling? ✈️📍 Let your thoughts about this place down below… # #bestplacestogo

Steph Warmack ♢ Oki, Japan (@finding.steph) Instagram Profile Photo

Steph Warmack ♢ Oki, Japan

Elephant Freedom Project

Meet Kumari ♥️🐘 she’s a former logging elephant that now gets to live out the rest of her life in peace. We spent the afternoon just following her around, doing whatever she wanted. If she wanted to stop and eat, she did. If she wanted to go sit down in the river, she did. If she wanted to go for a walk, she did! No rules, no fences (literally 😂 she had us walking in the streets with cars driving by 😂🚗). Completely on HER time, not ours 😌 ————————— Animal tourism is a HARD topic guys. Honestly all I can really say is DO YOUR RESEARCH. Make sure that you’re supporting places that do GOOD for animals, not places that are only looking for money. It’s 2019 and there’s no excuse (and definitely no lack of useful info) for supporting the mistreatment of animals ♥️ . . . . . #bestplacestogo

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