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This is a stag beetle that I found. Its scientific name is Lucanus capreolus. This is the first stag beetle I found this year. s

Ok, I'm getting excited! I took a little look at the eggs today and I see a big difference since Sunday. They look bigger, fuller and more egg like. I saw some larvae moving around as well. I'm still not going to get my hopes all up but I'm definitely excited and never thought I would be doing this lol I cover the container with a cloth to keep it nice and dark I figured that wouldn't hurt. They're sitting on top of a clay dish that is on top of the heating pad. The dish seems to be keeping a nice even temperature. I'm going to get a thermometer soon so I can know for sure. I'm pretty much winging this 😆 s

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Powder blue isopods and Diabolical Ironclad Beetles now available! Limited quantities. Link in bio! #Beetles

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