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Babs, Caro und Ulli 👩‍🦱👩👩🏻 (@saarlouiser_bienenfreundinnen) Instagram Profile Photo

Babs, Caro und Ulli 👩‍🦱👩👩🏻

Matthiiieuuu (@matthiiieuuu) Instagram Profile Photo


Serkan KAR 🇹🇷🇩🇪🇪🇺 (@serkankar) Instagram Profile Photo

Serkan KAR 🇹🇷🇩🇪🇪🇺

Antonia Romanidou (@antoniaromanidou) Instagram Profile Photo

Antonia Romanidou

Gudrun Riedl (@gudrun_riedl) Instagram Profile Photo

Gudrun Riedl

rothlichteffekt. (@rothlichteffekt) Instagram Profile Photo


I received a photo from the vendor. The bees are active. Fragrant honey harvested by migratory-beekeeping will be shipped soon. I'm salesperson of honey from Kyoto. Our honey is made by migratory-beekeeping. Coming soon. keeper

Julian´s Honigwelt (@julianshonigwelt) Instagram Profile Photo

Julian´s Honigwelt

Alle Völker sind nun heute morgen im Wald angekommen, und haben das unwetter der letzten Nacht gut überstanden. Ich bin gespannt was mich nächstes Wochenende überrascht. Jetzt werden die Bienen erstmal in Ruhe gelassen All bee colonies arrived in the forest this morning and survived the storms of last night. I curious what surprises me next weekend. Now the bees are left alone for the next time. #beekeeper

Three Hares Honey (@threehareshoney) Instagram Profile Photo

Three Hares Honey

Ashford Hangers National Nature Reserve

There are mornings when the smell of brewing coffee, or perhaps toast or frying bacon, can coax even the most sluggish (or teenage) from their beds! However, there are days like today, where the tendrils of bright orange-yellow morning light curling around the edges of the curtains, and the promise of blue sky, are more than enough to lure you outside. I love the early mornings and today we took the scenic route to school via the near . I find it really grounding to take the opportunity to spend a little time outside and with my boots in the mud before embarking on yet another busy day. The longer I live in , the more I realise what a remarkable and diverse county it is, with its wide variety of towns and cities, beautiful countryside, abundant woodland, river valleys, coastline, hills and national parks as well as being rich in culture and steeped in history. As much as we the landscape around us, it is clear that we, in turn, are d by it. Today, I feeling particularly grateful to have the opportunity to live in this beautiful area and be part of a wonderful community. However, I also feel a renewed sense of our individual and shared responsibility to actively protect, nurture and the environment and communities within which we, and our children, live. In the current tumultuous political climate, it is easy to feel powerless, resigned, disillousioned and perhaps even apathetic. However, there is so much good to be done at a local, individual level, that can make real difference. It might be as simple as stopping for a chat or planting some wildflower seeds. I'm pretty sure there's a saying along the lines of 'anyone who thinks they can't make a difference has never met a bee'. I'd love to track down the real version, but regardless, I think it is a good reminder that even the small things really matter. @britishbeekeepers @beecraftmag @simonthebeekeeper @visit_hpshire @madeinhpshire @insideouthants @paynesbeefarm @selbornelandscape @cpre @rspb_love_nature @hpshire_living @hpshirelifemagazine @longbarnuk @hpshire_fare

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