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EXO.weareone (@1248exol1485) Instagram Profile Photo 1248exol1485


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Sorry for being so inactive😢😢 But take a look how cute kyungsoo looks - - - - - - - - - - - #baekhyun

SM pays me to love EXO (@exo.aerina) Instagram Profile Photo exo.aerina

SM pays me to love EXO

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180422 jiyeon_haan INSTAGRAM UPDATE WITH XIUMIN - CHEN Aaa so Lucky, kurang Baekhyun 😂 #baekhyun 💞 @weareone.exo @real__pcy @baekhyunee_exo @oohsehun @zyxzjs ^~^mLoey

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[Trans] BH: We have to go to China to meet Lay hyung XM: meet D.O, KAI, SUHO on the set of them BH: if Chanyeol we can find him in dorm or temuin him in game rental ㅋㅋㅋ😅😅 . . .     #baekhyun                    

백현이 (@baekzone) Instagram Profile Photo baekzone


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He’s so stunning YALL his outfit makes him look so boyfriend 🤧

👑WE ARE ONE 👑 (@_dreams_exo) Instagram Profile Photo _dreams_exo


image by 👑WE ARE ONE 👑 (@_dreams_exo) with caption : "Anneliğin kabul olsun Suho Omma 😂😍👑💓
#suho #kriswu #lay #chen #xiumin #tao  #baekhyun #chanyeol #kyungsoo #kai " - 1763113363381312441
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Anneliğin kabul olsun Suho Omma 😂😍👑💓 ~🐉 . . . #baekhyun

BOSS|اختيار الأمة (@hyun4ii) Instagram Profile Photo hyun4ii

BOSS|اختيار الأمة

image by BOSS|اختيار الأمة (@hyun4ii) with caption : "كل ماقلت بهجد خلاص تطلع لي صوره جديد حالف يروقني):
#exo #baekhyun #chanyeol #sehun #اكسو #اكسوال #suho #smtown #xiumin" - 1763113344958867464
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كل ماقلت بهجد خلاص تطلع لي صوره جديد حالف يروقني): • #baekhyun

ท้อง'งฟ้า'า (@thngngfaaaa4993) Instagram Profile Photo thngngfaaaa4993


image by ท้อง'งฟ้า'า (@thngngfaaaa4993) with caption : "เอ๊ะ จำได้ว่าหนูแบคเป็นผู้ชาย.... #ชานแบคเพื่อนกันเตียงสั่นทุกคืน #ชานแบค #chanyeol #baekhyun" - 1763113262406273428
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เอ๊ะ จำได้ว่าหนูแบคเป็นผู้ชาย.... #baekhyun

BAEKHYUN.♡ (@baekhyunnk) Instagram Profile Photo baekhyunnk


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EXO - CBX so cute 🤧🤣❤

@chanyeolnudes ss sss (@chanweol) Instagram Profile Photo chanweol

@chanyeolnudes ss sss

image by @chanyeolnudes ss sss (@chanweol) with caption : "MY LITTLE SUNSHINES, SEHUN IS SO PERFECT OMG" - 1763113194718601122
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Exo_Planet_Pakistan (@exo_planet_pakistan) Instagram Profile Photo exo_planet_pakistan


image by Exo_Planet_Pakistan (@exo_planet_pakistan) with caption : "😍😍😍 #baekhyun #cbx.  admin :akeera" - 1763113088318215927
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😍😍😍 #baekhyun . admin :akeera