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Anarchy Outdoors (@anarchyoutdoors) Instagram Profile Photo

Anarchy Outdoors

@naz_long_range_shooters ・・・ Riddle Time: What is short, stiff and loves to poke holes in anything in front of it?.....Its the new 20" 6.5 CM Barrel from @brownellsinc on my Ruger Precision! It was a little too windy to zero and test for groups, but break in went smooth and I looking forward to burning this thing out! @720threat nailed it today in the wind with his @accuracyinternational rifle, the @vortexoptics Extreme is getting closer! #badgerordnance

Distance Shooters (@distance.shooters) Instagram Profile Photo

Distance Shooters

@texasplinking ・・・ Finally got my Badger Ordinance rail in for this guy. Hoping to get into long range night shooting eventually! #badgerordnance

Ryan Endrizzi (@r_endrizzi) Instagram Profile Photo

Ryan Endrizzi

Monday. Gunday. #badgerordnance

Terrible Tacticians (@terrible_tacticians) Instagram Profile Photo

Terrible Tacticians

Another nice day. Fucking hot.. But nice... #badgerordnance

Greg Connoyer (@gconnoyer) Instagram Profile Photo

Greg Connoyer

Going to put together a Mk12(ish) build. Picked up a nice LBT billet lower to do it on, but going back and forth on making it as close as possible. It wont have the correct scope and mounts because I have this nice Premier 5-25 in a set of badgers. Soooo do I do the billet lower or get a standard forged “correct” lower? #badgerordnance

Chris Miller (@chrism6176) Instagram Profile Photo

Chris Miller

Shot my @bergara_rifles B-14 HMR out to 590 and 700 yards today. First 2 target photos are from 590 yards. 3rd target photo is from 700. I was shooting FGMM 168gr SMK and FGMM 185gr Berger, both .308. In the last target photo, the left target was 168gr and the right target was the 185gr. While I dropped a few shots from each at the 700 yard line, the 185's were definitely more consistent at that range. Can't wait to go again! #badgerordnance

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