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میثم کعبی پور ɯɐsʎǝɯ ㋡ (@meysam.kaabipour) Instagram Profile Photo

میثم کعبی پور ɯɐsʎǝɯ ㋡

میثم کعبی پور ɯɐsʎǝɯ ㋡ (@meysam.kaabipour) Instagram Profile Photo

میثم کعبی پور ɯɐsʎǝɯ ㋡

கிரிஷ் (@girishh.2305) Instagram Profile Photo


مثل دریا باش،آشغالارو پس بزن (@farzad_n.e.g.a.r) Instagram Profile Photo

مثل دریا باش،آشغالارو پس بزن

YES I AM NASTIK⏺️ (@yesiamnastik) Instagram Profile Photo


Hoy aprendí: “Solo una imagen , guardo yo de ti. Solo una... a pesar de , Miles recuerdos , descubrir. Guarda , solo una imagen mía, Aunque, me recuerdes, Con alegría o con dolor. Mis recuerdos son poemas, Que día a día te escribí, Ilusiones duraderas, Que algunas veces cumplí. Pero tu imagen, vida mía. Solo paz me da, Tu cara,tu sonrisa, Tu mirar... Es la imagen, Que inspiró , El Amor que siento, Yo por ti. Solo una imagen guardo de ti, Solo una, que encierra , Una vida entera junto a ti. Te amo... Nada más que decir.” Fuchi el Filósofo #atheist #

Darrell Gautier Jr (@darrellgautier) Instagram Profile Photo

Darrell Gautier Jr

The ity is painful. #atheist

Χριστιανός (@holy.theotokos) Instagram Profile Photo


The question of whether God exists is heating up in the 21st century. More people are becoming non-believers, even as the probability for the existence of God rises. Here are two proofs for the existence of God I personally believe: 1) LAWS OF MATH Mathematics exists independent of physical reality. It is the job of mathematicians to discover the realities of this separate world of mathematical laws and concepts. Physicists then put the mathematics to use according to the rules of prediction and confirmed observation of the scientific method. But modern mathematics generally is formulated before any natural observations are made, and many mathematical laws today have no known existing physical analogues. The enormous usefulness of mathematics in the natural sciences is something bordering on the mysterious and there is no rational explanation for it. It takes the existence of God make the mathematical underpinnings of the universe comprehensible. 2) HUMAN CONSCIOUSNESS Like the laws of mathematics, consciousness has no physical presence in the world; the images and thoughts in our consciousness have no measurable dimensions. Yet, our nonphysical thoughts somehow mysteriously guide the actions of our physical human bodies. This is no more scientifically explicable than the mysterious ability of nonphysical mathematical constructions to determine the workings of a separate physical world. We have to leave scientific materialism behind as a complete basis for understanding the world of human existence. The supernatural character of the workings of human consciousness adds grounds for raising the probability of the existence of God. #atheist

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𝕻𝖘𝖞𝖈𝖍𝖔 (@ath3ist) Instagram Profile Photo


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