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CollabCreate DC

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19 Karen Contemporary Artspace

So many colours to choose from... A selection of the spray paints Danny Gretscher has been working with as he turns our courtyard into an art studio. #artistresidency

👋 Hello everyone! (Video in three parts). My tip today is on letters of recommendation/support often required within an artist residency application or grant application. There is so much to discuss in this area, I touch on something small that I hope may be useful. If this stirs up any questions or concerns about letters of recommendation please write them below, I would love to discuss. To find out more about The International Artist Program - how to land the international artist residency of your dreams, message me here or visit my website, link in the bio above 😊 residency

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Tulipánfa virágzás rinocérosszal🍃🌳💛Tulip tree bloom with rhino💛🌳🍃 #artistresidency

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Leipzig, Germany

Gold and Coal, collaboration between Indonesian-German artists, supported by international coproduction fund Goethe Institut. The project explores how mining effects geography, economy, and the re-distribution of people linking the context of the world largest copper and gold mine in Papua with the post industrial landscape in the former GDR brown coal region around Leipzig. Next month Will be a workshop, performance, and presentation in Jayapura, Yogyakarta, Leipzig, Essen until October 2020, and another part as well in Estonia and Congo. . . . . ———— . Foundation, Sound art space, Open expressions, Art Education, Musical Teaching & learning, Artist residency, Production, Clip. . . #artistresidency

Monica Lacey (@dancethechanges) Instagram Profile Photo

Monica Lacey

Some recent I did at @thewildresidency this week. A beautiful ritual from @veledavesta where you place flowers in water in the sun and then every morning splash yourself with the holy water, made from life and beauty itself 💖🙏✨. ::: #artistresidency

Emily Lauryn Harper (@emmalaurharper) Instagram Profile Photo

Emily Lauryn Harper

The Yards

When the framing project turns into a collage project. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #artistresidency

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Kate Collyer

Cape Breton Centre for Craft & Design

I was a machine today. Completely finished editioning all the prints - I should really stop making things so technical, it would be so much easier on my . I did manage to 'guerilla garden' some wild lupine off the side of the highway on my way into the studio. Man, I wish they would grow in my gardens, they are stunning flowers. istresidency

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