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Mᴏᴅ Tᴀᴄ Mᴇᴅɪᴀ ( Instagram Profile Photo

Mᴏᴅ Tᴀᴄ Mᴇᴅɪᴀ

Las Vegas Nevada

▪️When @bulletslinger gives you the ol’ “that’s nice” photobomb 👌🏼 ___________________________________________________ || 55mm || f/2.0 || 1/2500 || ISO64 || ___________________________________________________ @grimcmv ⚡️⚔️ @sony a7rlll @sonyalphapro X4 ND Filter @standardcousa Duty Hayden @archonfirearms Type B @zeisscameralenses 55mmf/1.8 ___________________________________________________ typeb

3M CUSTOM WORX (@3mcustomworx) Instagram Profile Photo


Got creative freedom on this @archonfirearms frame....stippled in my micro chain link texture...super happy with the final product.... .......... typeb

🔫🐍🇺🇸 (@sobeknscales) Instagram Profile Photo


Finally got my hands on an Archon TYPE B... #archontypeb

The new baby. Can’t wait to go out and test her. . #archontypeb

Embrace the Recoil (@embracetherecoil) Instagram Profile Photo

Embrace the Recoil

ARCHON UPDATE❌- The Archon Type B was flawless through the first 2k rounds and one cleaning. Then before a class I cleaned it again. My cold start drill I had 7 light primers or dead triggers in the first magazine. After that class I cleaned it up super well. Brought it out on the range and it ran great for another 200 rounds. Then last weekend at the range it started misfiring again. Few rounds per mag. The channel for the firing pin can get gummed up but I don’t think that’s the only issue. The trigger can be dead and the strikes are light. I checked the bullets I eject. It’s frustrating but Archon has been super quick to answer my questions and offer to fix. I’ll be sending it in. Unfortunately they are known for light primers. So we will see what they say. Things happen. The hard part now is I won’t trust it as a carry gun. This gun has my absolute favorite trigger and sight combo and I can shoot it super flat, but you need to trust that it’ll work. So it might be for sale when I get it back. Maybe a new Gen 5 19 is coming;) - typeb

Combat Ready Media (@combatreadymedia) Instagram Profile Photo

Combat Ready Media

St. Louis

Archon Type B from @rain6llc and @archonfirearms sporting a new skirt by @standardcousa Geronimo 2.0 Finally plunge to get a IWB holster for this firearm. I quite impressed by it. #archontypeb, , , , , , , ,, ,

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