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The Architecture Student Blog

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Carolina Kalbermatter

Here's a little something I did for my uncle. Technically, it's my first official project (out of college). Im proud. (I didnt want to post a clearer picture because I'm afraid of plagiarism or someone stealing my project for THEIR build) • • • student @archi_field @architecturepr @archi_life @archi_students @archandcatch @architects_need

[10]- ARQSKETCH: “A-morphe: Animal Research and Rescue Center" / Landscape view. / Graphite on paper and digital color. . . . . . . #architecturestudent

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Matthew North

Denver, Colorado

I have a theory that as houses get larger and more expensive, their designs get worse. This is the master bedroom and en-suite of a newly built 3,300 sq ft house in Denver. For such a large house, the bedroom floor plan feels awkward and the elements feel jammed in. The door swing to the bedroom is backwards, there’s lots of wasted space in the entry, the walk in closet has a bizarre dead end corner, the en-suite has too much floor space and the end of the vanity has been cut back to get access to the shower. The design would be greatly improved if the door swing was changed, the bedroom space should be reduced in size to allow for a more practical and resolved walk in closet, and the toilet room should be forfeited for a better bathroom layout. Thanks for following and participating in Plan Attack! I’d love to hear your feedback and comments. student

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