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Agrikulture Engineers (@ziraikultur) Instagram Profile Photo

Agrikulture Engineers

Bugün çölleşme ve kuraklıkla mücadele günü güzel bir gelecek istiyorsak yarınlarımıza güzel bir dünya bırakmak istiyorsak doğaya sahip çıkmalıyız🌱🌾🌲 . . . . . l

Fitoliva Atomizadores (@fitoliva_) Instagram Profile Photo

Fitoliva Atomizadores

Desde te ofrecemos financación a medida con condiciones ventajosas para tu nuevo atomizador. Siempre al lado del agricultor para mejorar su competitividad. Contacta con nosotros para más información. 953 750 419 | 647 941 595 l

Danstan Wanyonyi Michael (@danstanmichael) Instagram Profile Photo

Danstan Wanyonyi Michael

Africa can feed not only itself, but the world: Much of the continent’s perishes before it gets to market, because its are starved of and of . That can change, says Usman Ali Lawan IN the village of Kura, in Kano State, , where he grew up, his grandfather would lose half of his after each . He was not a bad farmer. But bad made it difficult for him to get his tomatoes to market, and he had never learned modern methods of preserving them. To salvage some of his produce, he often dried his tomatoes on the sand. This is still true of about 80m in Nigeria. Across , 50% of harvested and , 40% of roots and tubers, and 20% of cereals, legumes, and pulses are lost before they reach a market. Less than a half-mile away from a major tomato-paste factory in Kadawa, Kano, Nigeria, 200 rural farmers dry 40 trailer-loads of fresh tomatoes in the sand every week. This lack of and resources contributes substantially to global food insecurity. #Agricultural

Agro Napló (@agronaplo) Instagram Profile Photo

Agro Napló

🚜 💪 😜 ☕ Küldje el képét nekünk üzenetben, vagy ossza meg az Agro Napló Facebook csoportban, hogy holnap reggel az Ön traktorával indítsuk a napot! A mai képet Csomor Márk küldte nekünk, köszönjük! . . . . . . . . . . . l

Arshehkar Co. (@arshehkar) Instagram Profile Photo

Arshehkar Co.

نمایشگاه بین المللی تهران

... مقدم شما بازدیدکنندگان و میهمانان گرامی را در بیست و ششمین نمایشگاه بین‌المللی صنایع کشاورزی، مواد غذایی، ماشین آلات و صنایع وابسته سال۱۳۹۸ گرامی می داریم. مکان: تهران، محل دائمی نمایشگاه های بین المللی، فضای باز، رو به روی سالن خلیج‌فارس، ۲۸ تا ۳۱ خرداد شرکت آرشه کار #agricultural

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