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I don’t with cable... no thanks they’ll continue robbing us in other ways and that ain’t one that I no longer choose 🙄 Repost @chakabars When you see me speak at the please share #africanhealing

Jenelyse | Ancestral Healing (@indicraswomban) Instagram Profile Photo

Jenelyse | Ancestral Healing

Many of us hear the calling to connect deeper to our roots and the natural world around us. Looking for just the right herbal program that allows you to study at your own pace? Easy and economical you can study from your own home or from where ever you are. I have heard many of sisters mention they wish to study herbalism from a woman of color! Here is your opportunity! I have combined wisdom learned from my own native Indian ancestors, mentors from Africa, and mentors from South America, as well as from my own herbal apprenticeship with The Gaia School of Healing. I have been studying the way of the plants and simply ancient ways since 2013 and have incorporated years of practice, trial, error, and combined that with what I have learned at Everglades University in my Bachelors of Science program in Alternative Medicine. The way of the Naturopathic Doctor meets the wise Medicine women & men of our native lands. Learn how to properly feed the ancestors, many useful African herbs and how the Native Indians of this land used herbs, learn about the systems, how to conduct an ancestral ritual, practical herbalism, Traditional Chinese Herbs, Ayurveda, and how to make medicine in accordance with Vedic and Lunar African principles. There will be workshops, camping trips, tea ceremonies, zoom calls, and plenty of self practice assignments to work on from home to learn better how plants heal. This course will remind you of how to deepen connections with your ancestors and how to communicate with plants! Wake up to the smell of the fresh new start and perception you will be gain from practicing such an art and way of living! We currently have 15 women enrolled and would love to fill 20 seats! There are students all the way from South Africa to Australia and all over the United States! Come with an open heart and learn about many cultures and their expressive ways of healing. Reach out for more questions or for tea ceremony bookings #africanhealing

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Bright Johnson


Drumming is good for the soul Come and get some with SHAMHA 5 July 6pm-8pm #africanhealing

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LIVITY The Movement

Serene Earth Sanctuary

We’re less than three weeks till the first ever gathering of this kind in Byron Bay. Roots of Life from Afrika is a full day event, for anyone who has an interest in health, fitness, environment, community, youth empowerment, spiritual arts etc.The day is tightly scheduled with insightful and transformational classes and discussions on key aspects that govern one’s life, health and culture. . Early bird tickets are still available at $150 on our website. Please make an advance reservation through the website to reserve your place at the event. . . healing

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Powerful, Full, and Free

It's so easy to talk ourselves out of our greatness. . It's so easy to keep doing the mediocre to pay the bills or to keep from failing. . And even though we may say that we don't want to pursue our heart's deepest desires, that we're okay with playing it safe, we really do deep down, but we're scared shitless. What if we fail? What if nobody likes it? . Sweet baby angel, what if I told you that you create the life you think you deserve? . (I'm not saying AT ALL that we create trauma for ourselves or that we are the cause of bad things happening in our lives. I hate when people victim ble in the self-healing arena and I think it's super harmful.) . What I saying is that with every decision we make to push ourselves or to stay in our comfort zone, we are creating our lives. . Your life is made of all the little things. . All the times you called yourself nes. . All the times you said yes to something because of fear and scarcity mindset. . All the times you said no to your passion, your purpose, or your peace because you secretly felt like you didn't deserve it. . Lemme tell you now, you deserve that shit. . I might not know you from Ad, but I know that you, divine being, are a physical manifestation of the universe, living a life on this earthly plane to DO SOMETHING. . Not to pay bills and die. Not to lay around watching Netflix all day every day. But to heal something, fix something, beautify something, create something. . What if I told you that by fulfilling your purpose in life, you can have everything you want and everything you need? . Would you believe me? . Or are you still convinced that you don't deserve it? . . . . . #Africanhealing

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Light Warrior Neith

JOYOUSLY preparing the last items for my beautiful SiStar’s sacred ceremony tomorrow. I AM so honored to be facilitating and so BLESSED to have so many supporting me on this journey. Giving THANKS for my sons, daughter, brother, parents, and The GREAT GRANDMA tree for their continuous loving support and contributions each time I need them. #AfricanHealing

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