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Laura Snelling (@snellinglaura) Instagram Profile Photo snellinglaura

Laura Snelling

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Regrann from @erindogovich - 🚩10 precious dogs are at Risk: Please help 🐕TBD 3-19- 2018 at NYC Acc.. . 🕜⏳🆘YOU MUST ACT BEFORE 12 NOON...AND DO NOT WAIT..🕥 . 🔶 . 🔍 to view album . . 🆘** ADOPTERS & FOSTERS NEEDED **. Publicly Adoptable dogs can be RESERVED AND The adoption must be done before NOON🕤 . FOR RESCUE ONLY: APPLY TO NH RESCUES if you wish to a dog on the list. Fostering is🆓🆓 and all expenses are paid. 🔐The general rule is to you have to be within 4 hours of the New Hope Partner rescues you are applying with and to #ADOPT you will have to be in the general NE US area; NY, NJ, CT, PA, DC, MD, DE, NH, RI, MA, VT & ME (some rescues will transport to VA). . . ⚪AND YOU CAN #ADOPT THROUGH A RESCUE 🔆 . 🔅TO ADOPT A PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE ....THEY Can be reserved direct online, till noon, by someone genuinely wanting to adopt , who can personally get to the shelter by 6 p.m TUESDAY to collect the dog....(48 hrs from when listed) ↘ ↙ ......If you can't make that deadline, need help with transport or want to foster AND are local to , , PA,VA, Contact MUST LOVE DOGS SAVING NYC DOGS . 📧📧 ❤ There is a $200( plus transaction fee of $2) DEPOSIT REQUIRED. $150 WILL BE REFUNDED ONCE PROOF OF SPAY/NEUTER IS SUPPLIED.🔅 . 🔉If SERIOUSLY interested in or and either LOCAL to or FROM NE US email .. 📧 . FOR TRANSPORT ASSISTANCE ALSO.👊 . ⭕ 💰💲MAKE A PLEDGE 💲💰 TO HELP RESCUES WHO SAVE WITH MEDICAL OR REHABILITATION NEEDS. 👊 FOR VIDEOS SEE @tanyasrocksforjustice . ❤

Laura Snelling (@snellinglaura) Instagram Profile Photo snellinglaura

Laura Snelling

Regrann from @erindogovich - PAYDAY 💗 TO BE KILLED - 3/19/2018 PUBLICLY ADOPTABLE To say everyone loves is a major understatement. This wiggly, waggy, sweet boy is a ‘cutie pie.’ He’s absolutely precious, with the most endearing face we've ever seen, & he lived with and loved a child, other dogs, & even a CAT! He has nothing but love in his heart for everyone he meets & is incredibly social & friendly. His former says he gets so excited to meet new friends he often jumps up to give them hugs, making him more suitable for a home with older kids (over age 5) so he doesn’t inadvertently knock a toddler over. 😊 He’s affectionate, always wanting to be where his family is, he never guards his stuff, & perfectly . Even off leash, he may wander but comes right back to his family. If you or #adopt this delightful boy with his super sweet nature & heart of gold, you will feel like EVERY day is PAYDAY..😆 VOLUNTEERS SAY “he’s a CUTIE PIE!” PM us or A staff member writes: Payday is an adorable & friendly brindle cutiepie. He’s allowed all handling @ Care Center, & has previously lived well with a CAT, a CHILD, & other DOGS, although he is quite ENERGETIC so he may be best in a HOME WITHOUT YOUNG CHILDREN. PAYDAY, ID , @ 2 Years Old, 63.9 lbs. Brooklyn Acc, Large Mixed Breed, Brown / White, Unaltered Male Owner Surrender Reason: Isolated incident w/small dog Shelter Assessment Rating: Experience (no children under 5) Intake Behavior Rating: 1. Green INTAKE BEHAVIOR NOTES: Payday was very friendly & playful during intake. He was seeking attention from counselor but sat and gave paw for a treat when asked. He was very easy to handle & enjoyed being pet and having his belly rubbed. OWNER SURRENDER NOTES Payday was not neutered prior to coming into the shelter. NO known health issues or injuries & not seen a VET. Payday is AT RISK for medical reasons; Infectious Respiratory Disease, which is contagious to other dogs. Payday came to ACC after a bite incident involving a small dog. He was reported to have previously been around . 🔅🔅RESERVE https://newhope.she

- I'm The Wheelman. (@bastonelcojo) Instagram Profile Photo bastonelcojo

- I'm The Wheelman.

image by - I'm The Wheelman. (@bastonelcojo) with caption : "La foto tierna del año
¿Porqué los gatos son capaces de percibir el como nos sentimos? Últimamente, Toga me ha asistido " - 1738196692723743839
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La foto tierna del año ¿Porqué los gatos son capaces de percibir el como nos sentimos? Últimamente, Toga me ha asistido mucho, está conmigo siempre, no me defrauda ni abandona, mucho menos va a otras manos a ser acariciado. Toga es un gato extraño, duerme cuando uno duerme, come cuando uno come y caga cuando uno está cagando. No había tenido un Toga de mascota y es lejos uno de los mejores compañeros junto Lord y Bimmy. Gracias por estar ahí, hijo felino

image by simonai (@joshsimona) with caption : "No child could  ever be sweeter or cuter... ❄💙🐾💘💤 saved & adopted with love not price #adopt" - 1728572860920143065
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No child could ever be sweeter or cuter... ❄💙🐾💘💤 saved & adopted with love not price #adopt

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Today’s recap: grocery haul + surprise Starbucks for my hubs complete just after 9:30 am. That is a new record for me. Friend and puppy play time, meal prep, a walk and Christmas lights removed all by 5 pm. I would say today was an ultimate success of a !!! 😁 . . 😋This week’s menu from the features: Morning Mocktail and Tea M1 - K&K Cleanse Smoothie M2 - Apple and cinnamon M3 - Fall in Love Kale Salad M4 - Pick Me Up Chia Seed Pudding M5 - Southwest Spaghetti Squash / Butternut Squash Soup / Cauliflower Pizza / Lemongrass Curry / Zoodles and Chicken Meatballs . . I haven’t introduced my animals in a while - take a second to swipe over and meet Jordy. He’s my first dog ever, he will be 7 this summer. We adopted him when he was 2 years old. He was originally from Missouri, but we found him at out local shelter in MN. He’s a Golden-Dixon mix. Loved to chase squirrels and is always at my side. And I’m not exaggerating when I say always. It was so nice today we seized the opportunity for a walk and photo session. 😉 . . @toneitup #adopt