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Greenpeace Greece

Porto Di Argostoli Cefalonia

Πάρε μία γεύση από μία δράση που κάναμε με τους κατοίκους της Κεφαλονιάς, όταν φτάσαμε στο Αργοστόλι. Σύντομα θα δεις περισσότερα! >> . . . . . 🌈 #actonclimate

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The Conscious Club

The Conscious Club

 📡 A great worry for today is the implementation of the new 5G network, since its effects on human health have not yet been studied.   👩‍⚕️ More than 2.000 scientists and doctors from all over the world, identify 5G as a direct threat to human health, as well as to animal, insect and plant life.   🌎 Our global population, the use of advanced technologies and the demand for energy will increase. But what will our future look like with this barrage of electromagnetic pollution?  💻 5G is sold to the public by governments and companies as inevitable and as a huge profit-making industry (17,000 billion a year), with little to no attention being paid to health and privacy risks.   🕵️‍♀️ Therefore this week is about gaining more insight about EMF & the roll-out of the planned 5G network!   📧 We have an e-mail ready to be send out to the Antennebureau, where you can make use of your legal right to have a proper insight into the further development of the Internet of Things, 5G and smartcity applications. It’s important to start a dialogue about this subject!  ✊🏼 Join the resistance and win an entrance ticket to the Dutch 5G conference in the Melkweg Amsterdam and a EMF protection smartdot package of @thehealthfactory_nl!  👆🏼 How to win and article link in bio!      #actonclimate 

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Stefanie Bendfeldt

I recently read that the average weight of plastic we fill into our body is approximately the weight of a credit card - every week! And there is nothing you can do to prevent it. The only logical way is to avoid even more plastic entering the cycle whenever it is possible and finding effective ways to clean our oceans. . Spread the word. Feel free to share and repost! Use . The graphics are also free for download on my website ( One post every week. Or buy all at once at my CreativeMarket shop (link in bio) . #actonclimate

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The Conscious Club

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