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Alexis Frieda FitzGerald

Without toothpaste, without soap, without beds, without showers, without an ounce of humanity. want a deterrent to immigration SO badly that they don't care who suffers. "Serves them right" they say, "this is what awaits you at the gates". They shrug at the idea of children suffering; "not our people, we take care of our own first" they say - as if that means anything. As if the fact that you were born in a place makes you any better, or frankly anymore connected, than the people who weren't. You don't take care of "your own" either. People who want to come work, pay taxes and be a contributing part to society are treated like cattle. They're not animals, they're people. There is absolutely not a single, possible logical defense to letting children rot in cages. And if you're digging for one, that's a hole you'll never be able to pull yourself from. #activist

Okay so the great straw debate. I’m gonna touch on it a lil bit. Banning straws is something good that people have taken and COMPLETELY missed the point of. The start of the straw ban was to cut the use of unnecessary plastic. Most people dont NEED to use a straw. Helpful! Yeah, but we don’t need it. And if you do need a straw, buying your own reusable straws is an option. It wasn’t supposed to end at straws. That was just the starting point. From there it went to plastic cutlery and lids and cups and etc etc etc ultimately cutting our daily use of single use plastics. This didn’t mean “NO ONE IS ALLOWED A STRAW” and it’s not designed to be ableist. Plastic straws and cups and bags end up in our landfills and oceans and end up being eaten by the animals that live there. (Like many other things gum *which unless natural is PLASTIC*, cigarette butts, etc) and that ends up seriously harming so many of these animals and making them suffer. Now. As I said banning straws isn’t the cure all for the planet and no one except the ignorant 14 year olds buying Starbucks and throwing out their wrapped straws to use their fancy metal keychain one. Anyone who refuses you a straw needs to be informed because they are full of misinformation. Now, onto the picture, not all of us can take down major corporations. Some of us rely on them due to their pricing. But limiting our single use plastic is a starting point to help. This isn’t saying use all the straws you want, but instead use less, and try to support the companies that are not corrupt. But yes BigCorp is killing us all. -🧀 • • • #activist

what do you guys think about nonbinary people using neopronouns when speaking non english languages? comment down below your thoughts! —— ALL POSTS ARE MINE UNLESS STATED! GIVE CREDIT IF USED! • • ~tags are general equality/activism tags~ #activist discourse medicalist activism

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Diandra Marie

New Jersey

I think I broke the @guinnessworldrecords for my amount of stanning in this interview with @jodiepatterson 😂🙈 . . BUT I want to shamelessly & unapologetically say THANK YOU [again] to the talented Mom, activist, & writer Jodie Patterson for taking the time to speak with me. She spoke on being an active and involved parent for her son of experience, Penel, the Black community + phobia, & how the church can do better to support the + community. Interview drops tomorrow on my IGTV,, & YouTube 🤟🏾 & make sure you buy her book "The Bold World" -- it's equally as amazing as she is. • • • • • • livesmatter experience phobia #activist

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McCool Junction, Nebraska

oftentimes without intention i see the wonder of tao. oftentimes with intention i see its manifestations. both of these are the same in origin; they are distinguished by names after their emergence. their identification is called mystery. from mystery to further mystery there is an entrance to all wonders. –, jREX3.0 🙏🏿🖤🙏🏿 #activist IMAGE mcCool junction 5:53am 20june 2019 of everyday life™

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