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Alex Steer (@br0wneagle) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Steer

Work in progress .44 magnum, mainly to practice my hard surface modelling, seems to be going well. • • • • #44magnum

callsign-highlander (@callsign_highlander) Instagram Profile Photo


After a long time I upload a new pic. Okey new pic not really. The only thing that I use is the Combat Shirt. It is a nice pic and it was a great day. #44magnum

発券完了❗️ 前日はToILeTの飛騨神岡 EAGLE LIVE 翌日はグランドスラムカバーLIVE NAGOYA ジャパメタ 2daysLIVE かなりヤバし♬ #44magnum

High Desert Range (@high_desert_range) Instagram Profile Photo

High Desert Range

“Battle worn” that comes honestly. #44magnum

|||LEGO DESERT EAGLE||| SWIPE FOR DETAILS. The Desert Eagle is a gas-operated semi-automatic 7 round pistol that can either fire .44 Magnum or .50 AE depending on the . It includes a 6” barrel while weighing at 72 ounces without the mag, all while having the overall length at 10.75”. Surprisingly CA approved. -FUNCTIONS- Magazine Visible round in chamber Slide racks back Attachments and muzzles can be attached -R6 STATS- Used by three operators, Blackbeard, Valkyrie, and Nøkk, the D-50 does 71 damage from approximately 0-12 meters in range. It holds seven .50 Action Express rounds including 1 in the chamber, with these 8 rounds, it’s surely enough for its strong . The pistol was known for its appearance in movies and entertainment but deemed useless by the Siege community for its lack of reliability. That sure did change due to the recent update in Operation Phantom Sight where Ubisoft added the option for users to add a muzzle break or suppressor. RECOMMENDED BUILDERS @brickbuilt.replicas @natedogg5413 @brickarmory @bwawker @jimslegoguns @johns_lego_guns @jaegersguns

Derek Lopez (@decal556) Instagram Profile Photo

Derek Lopez

Newest addition to the collection. Say hello to my new 1911 from the @springfieldarmoryinc paired with critical defense ammunition from @hornadymfg Now I just need to make some sweetheart grips with my sweetheart @xalebabezx 😉❤️ . . . . . . #44magnum

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