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Thiago Sanches (@thiagosanches87) Instagram Profile Photo

Thiago Sanches

Bethany // Hayden Presley🌿 (@hayden.presley) Instagram Profile Photo

Bethany // Hayden Presley🌿

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Colleen Banman

20 YEARS ago today, we promised to be a team in life and love. We had big dreams and plans to have a family and create a business that would be a blessing to others. I’m happy with what we squeezed into the first 20 years and excited to continue building this life together. *********** When we got married we were pregnant with Mikayla. I was barely 21 and although we were in love, we hadn’t gotten past the falling in love stage and really gotten to know each other. A recipe for disaster, really. We got the best advice from a pastor- he encouraged us to lay our situation at the foot of the cross. To ask God to take our lives and work all the details together for His good and perfect plan. We did just that, we’ve built our family’s foundation on the promise that God is with us and He will never leave us. He’s written our story beautifully, better than we could have on our own-a few extra kids, some unexpected humbling moments, a few leaps of faith and some uncomfortable hard seasons that have all sharpened our character and drawn us closer. I’m so very thankful. #1999

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705 Vintage

Still can’t believe I found this today 🤯🤯 just in time for Saturday!!! Rolling Stones North American Tour 1999 !! NOT 4 SALE! • • • • • #1999

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