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こねこ Airi Lee (@koneko.airi) Instagram Profile Photo koneko.airi

こねこ Airi Lee

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"You can't tame the desert" Totally forgot I had these cool photos of my Chinese Art Sivir that @brian_calilung took at Anime Expo last year. Yus.. I know.. one of my hip armor fell off 😖 지난 Anime Expo 에서 찍은 시비르 코스프레~ #시비르

🏃‍♂️💪 유기영(620) (@31_cowking) Instagram Profile Photo 31_cowking

🏃‍♂️💪 유기영(620)

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크리스마스 아직 포기안해버리지. 쉽게안죽지. #시비르 오지고요

김인원 (@i_n_won) Instagram Profile Photo i_n_won


image by 김인원 (@i_n_won) with caption : "드디어! @le2_ji ❄️ #롤 #눈꽃 #시비르 #leagueoflegends #sivir" - 1617509159232778344
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드디어! @le2_ji ❄️ #시비르

노는게젤조아 (@jakal4700) Instagram Profile Photo jakal4700


image by 노는게젤조아 (@jakal4700) with caption : "#시비르" - 1614723672462017608
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체스터🐆 (@chester.hyeon) Instagram Profile Photo chester.hyeon


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리그 오브 레전드(league of legends) 쵸코바이 10편 - 달콤 쌉싸름한 . 실버에라서 가능한 일!! . #시비르