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Wollongong, New South Wales medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Wollongong, New South Wales

Lauren Dawkins (@lauren_dawkins_) Instagram Profile Photo

Lauren Dawkins

Don’t be fooled by these photos I am not this happy with exams starting in two days and I’ve done 0 studying!! I’m doing great sweeties


The room that changed our lives forever @radbarcafe we are all gunna miss you so much❤️


✌🏽Sophie Holloway (@sopholloway_) Instagram Profile Photo

✌🏽Sophie Holloway

too many necks to turtle 🐢🙊



Maddi Lacey (@maddi_lacey) Instagram Profile Photo

Maddi Lacey

Swapping birthday 🥂 for birthday ☕️ ... What has happened to us ?!?!


Crystal Morrison (@itshomebaked) Instagram Profile Photo

Crystal Morrison

Golden pancakes, dripping butter and choc chips melting. Pancakes on a Sunday just make you feel great about life.


𝔏 𝔢 𝔵 (@alexishowlett) Instagram Profile Photo

𝔏 𝔢 𝔵

Dare you to call daddy in my phone, it ain’t gonna be my father


Dijana Djukic (@dijanadjukic_) Instagram Profile Photo

Dijana Djukic

Everyone needs a best friend like mine, but you can’t have mine. 🤞🏼


happy saturday everyone!! . thank you @harbourfrontrestaurant for a great lunch 💫 . sorry guys this is the third time ahaha i’m really indecisive


Kaitlin Jade Hair Artistry (@kaitlinjadehairartistry) Instagram Profile Photo

Kaitlin Jade Hair Artistry

I have my extensions out for 2 days and im like yep can’t live like this 😭😂 @hotteshair @jamie_hotteshair @emilyreneedouna 💕


🇼🇸🇭🇷 (@jacob__taele_) Instagram Profile Photo


Just being a tourist ⛰


Farmer & The Owl (@farmerandtheowl) Instagram Profile Photo

Farmer & The Owl

Gong heavy, Gong proud 💔 @hockeydadband x @radbarcafe for one of the very last shows ever // 📸 @chris_frape_photo


12.06.2019 It has been a long wait for this achievement to be unlocked. Waited for 5 years for this moment. The coincidence of the date and my birthday is surreal, 6th of the 12th and 12th of the 6th. Reminiscing the years of my journey from Cebu to Melbourne started in 2014. Studied Aged Care and took the IRON Program. It was a sad moment in 2015 that I loss my dad but I persevered and became a Registered Nurse Division 1 in 2016. Honed my skills in Recovery and fortunate enough was able to learn more in Anaesthetics and Critical Care. I thought becoming a Permanent Resident was a special moment but by becoming a full pledge Australian is an achievement none like any other! Thankful to the people who gave me strength and love. Grateful, a believer, and a dreamer. 💯🙌🏻 Thank you Papa, Mama, Jamaica and to the whole family and relatives for the love and support 😊😍💯 Finally, Fil-Australian 🇵🇭 🇦🇺


Britt Jaide | Syd (@brittanyjaide) Instagram Profile Photo

Britt Jaide | Syd

The ethnicity coming through 💋 %


Shanah Baxter (@baxtertribe_) Instagram Profile Photo

Shanah Baxter

Day 7 with my little fighter 🥰 I’m so lucky to have had this many days with you, and I’ve been soaking in every precious moment. There has been so many of you asking how he’s going, and are starting to question if he’s actually been healed/ defied the odds... so here’s a little update of how he is, and what’s actually happening inside his little body. So first of all he is still doing wonderfully, feeding and sleeping and being real cute. So far there is no evidence that he has a deadly heart defect. So does that mean he’s better? Unfortunately not 😞 There are many different types of heart defects which can sometimes heal themselves or disappear as they grow, but our little Toby has the most severe of them all. His heart was already fully developed when I was only 8 weeks pregnant, but it was only half of his heart that had grown, so all our scans throughout the pregnancy showed the same thing, a heart with 2 chambers missing, it’s not something that can grow or be fixed. So although we are still praying for a miracle, our sweet boy is still living with half a heart. Babies with this condition won’t be getting any oxygen pumped through their body, and will normally only survive a few days, however some babies are able to amazingly adapt to the lower oxygen supply, and manage to live a few weeks before the body shuts down. So we are still very much living on edge not knowing what tomorrow will bring, but for now he is with us, and we are loving him endlessly. As difficult as this journey is, and with all the doctors warning us how “unusual” our choice is to carry him to term, we are so beyond blessed to have met him, and loved him, and would do it all again in a heartbeat. Our sweet Tobias has been our angel on earth, and my heart is overflowing with love ❤️ Thankyou so much again to everyone who has been following, and journeying with us, your prayers and support means more than you’ll ever know xo


Gotta move different when you want different.


𝓑𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 𝓵𝔂𝓮 🌷✨💗 (@bellalye_) Instagram Profile Photo

𝓑𝓮𝓵𝓵𝓪 𝓵𝔂𝓮 🌷✨💗

you can’t do epic shit with basic people🥴


Jeanette Linderberg (@jeanettelinderberg) Instagram Profile Photo

Jeanette Linderberg

Tried an e-scateboard the other day. Fun, wouldn’t recommend it in a bikini top tho 😅🙈


Travis lindsay :/ (@travislindsay2) Instagram Profile Photo

Travis lindsay :/

Crazy mudder @wollongong_mcc today. Went 1,2 going down twice in the second one 🤦🏼‍♂️ thanks @motocityaustralia for sponsoring me and the day. Thanks @oscar_earl_racing for the good racing 💯


Adam Demos (@adam_demos) Instagram Profile Photo

Adam Demos

Waking up early ain’t so bad 🐬☕️


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