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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, Usa medias on Instagram

List of photos and videos recently pinned on Instagram with location: Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, Usa

DANIEL VALERIO (@valeriolife) Instagram Profile Photo


The peace of a sunrise / thinking of those lost ❤️/💔

Jenn Kristel Gonzales 🌻✨ (@jennkristelgonzales) Instagram Profile Photo

Jenn Kristel Gonzales 🌻✨

Beautiful San Francisco 🥰✨

Poonam Sherpa (@poonamsherpa) Instagram Profile Photo

Poonam Sherpa

By the 🌉

Brian O Connor (@boc_10) Instagram Profile Photo

Brian O Connor

A good day exploring made even better when @simbamakoni found his wallet after losing it for the 28th time...

♀Àngela (@angeleta11) Instagram Profile Photo


so windy and cold, but was amazing

Egor Chernenko (@egch_1) Instagram Profile Photo

Egor Chernenko

Lexi Lynd (@lexilynd) Instagram Profile Photo

Lexi Lynd

golden state of mind

Rauce Powers & GhostDogg (@raucepowers) Instagram Profile Photo

Rauce Powers & GhostDogg

Engagement Pics w/ GhostBae

You won’t know what’s on the other side until you cross the bridge.

Liberty Stark (@liberty.stark) Instagram Profile Photo

Liberty Stark

san francisco’s dreamy

Assalamuallaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh... mencintai dan mensyukuri apa yang kita miliki saat ini adalah keindahan dan kebahagiaan.. mencoba menjadi lebih baik tnp fokus melihat kekurangan tapi belajar dr kekurangan agar bisa melaju dengan cepat sehingga kedepan menjadi jauh lbh baik lagi.. Bismillah.. itu pembelajaran aku saat ini.. doakan yaaa😍😍😍

Gabriella Angelica (@gabriell.angie) Instagram Profile Photo

Gabriella Angelica

Thank you, next ❤ (Destination).

Alex Nibley (@alex.nibley) Instagram Profile Photo

Alex Nibley

I truly can only think of jokes when I look at this set of photos. Maybe it’s because I probably did the unspeakable act on this hill, taking advantage of the swift bursts of wind to carry away unwanted smells? Maybe it’s because I have the heart and mind of a 12 y/o boy? Either way, it’s all that I can think about and now it’s all you can think about. Send tweet.

Pleng Chontida Asavahame (@plengasavahame) Instagram Profile Photo

Pleng Chontida Asavahame

the iconic golden gate 🌁

Anna Leonova (@anna.leonova) Instagram Profile Photo

Anna Leonova

А по ту сторону моста вид на...мост

Things I learned on this trip: Wear sunscreen, there is such thing as a UV index of 12, coffee makes everything better, free showers are the best Things I already knew but were confirmed: Delia can sleep anywhere anytime and I’m jealous. That is all 👍🏻☀️

Sarah Reader (@sarreader) Instagram Profile Photo

Sarah Reader

Girls trip was one for the books 💕

House Peace (@house.peace) Instagram Profile Photo

House Peace

My family and I took an epic ten-day trip to California last week. It was spectacular. Truly. I cannot believe how fun it was and how well my kids did. And Dave. 🤣 Family travel can be hard on me and Dave so we both legit prayed about our attitudes and expectations before and during the trip, and we had a great time. YES LORD. In the next few days, I’ll record a video about the planning/organizing process, but I do have few takeaways I want to share here. 1. Unless trip planning is really fun for you, I recommend having a travel agent help. I get overwhelmed with trip planning, so I told my agent (who is also my friend) roughly where we wanted to go and she mapped out a route, researched and booked hotels, and looked after lots of other details for us. She even checked in with us while we were gone. Because we stayed in independent motels and lodges, she didn’t make a commission on booking us, so I just paid her a flat trip-planning fee. Worthy of every dollar. 2. We packed five backpacks, no suitcases. Each person carried one (Gigi’s had wheels) and I had a small cross bag in addition to my backpack. No checked bags. No overwhelming amount of stuff to manage. I did laundry several times but it was pretty seamless, not a hardship really. 3. We mailed home a few souvenirs and rocks we collected (remember, geologist husband has raised his children in this way) in a flat rate ($15) priority box. Shipping to/from California is normally very expensive but the flat rate meant we could affordably send home the heavy stuff and not break our backs by hauling them around.

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