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William Thomas (@wthomas) Instagram Profile Photo

William Thomas

In one of my lives, I oversee swim safety at big triathlons. to a few Saturdays ago, when the ocean was calm, and weather was perfection. Less than 24 hours later, a massive storm rolled in, and I was pulling up 80lbs weights and dragging 5ft tall buoys into shore, at 4:30am, with 25mph winds blowing from the East. We ended up canceling the swim that day, but not until after I nearly feel into the drink, in the dark, multiple times. The gratitude I have for this trusty red boat is tremendous, having survived some truly close calls. Thanks for capturing this zen moment of being in our element, @bostontri.

Kyla Guidoboni-Abrahams (@kyla_guidoboni_abrahams) Instagram Profile Photo

Kyla Guidoboni-Abrahams

Do you like long walks on the beach? Do you like beer and or large fluffy pretzels with dips? Do you like doing things for a good cause? Then you HAVE to join us on Sunday October 21st @ Carson Beach for a 5k walk or run! Link to sign up is in my bio above ( on Instagram)^^ or here- No excuse- no fundraising minimum, no bike or ability to run required!! Just you! Babies are kids welcome AND dogs are welcome on leash too! We typically go to Harpoon brewery after and enjoy flights, large amounts of pretzels and dip to celebrate the run and @dannyreuben s birthday!

Emma Bates (@e.batesy) Instagram Profile Photo

Emma Bates

Surrounded by legends 👏🏽💪🏽

Kerrigan Griffiths (@k_griff_12) Instagram Profile Photo

Kerrigan Griffiths

Claire Sporer (@claire_8s) Instagram Profile Photo

Claire Sporer

Never accepting volleyball retirement 🏐 great day with a great crew


Trees may hold the answer to anti-ageing. We all age, and all cells age, but many tree cells age at a much slower pace. If we can hack the reason for this, we may be able to extend our lifespan significantly. Let’s be respectful to our more evolved elders.

Pura Vida Salon (@puravidasalon) Instagram Profile Photo

Pura Vida Salon

This past weekend, the Pura Vida girls joined the National Ovarian Cancer Coalitions and Pureology to help spread awareness and find a cure 🦋💎💙

weilian chu (@wheuuchuu) Instagram Profile Photo

weilian chu

Part two of my stream of consciousness rant lol. If there’s one thing that will stay with me past college, it’ll be my experiences with @mitasiandanceteam (and hopefully my education but not sure about that one!!). ADT was the first time that I felt part of a collective, the first time where I felt comfortable just being myself in front of others. It was amazing over the next five years, growing alongside the team (literally!), with each of the team’s milestones feeling like my own. Through ADT I had to be not only a dancer, but a teammate, a supporter, and later on a leader. I’ve shared with ADT the highs that come with every successful performance, but also the lowest points of my college life, when I had felt I let the team down. I’ve made so many amazing friendships through this team, many of which I hope can last forever. All in all, it was an incredible run, and though bittersweet, I feel at peace with it ending. As soon as I had seen the performance of this piece, I hoped to be able to organize a cover for it - as a capstone project of sorts, a final way for me to show appreciation for all that ADT has given me. Thank you so much to all 13 of my dancers, who shared this experience with me. Through the late night rehearsals, the jank practice locations, and the literal storm of a filming, I’ve enjoyed every moment I’ve gotten to spend with you guys. Some of you I’ve just met, others I’ve gotten to share all 5 years of MIT with, but regardless it felt much too early to say goodbye. I’ll miss you all! Thank you also to all those involved in the project, from filming, to lens wiping, to umbrella holding, to simply supporting us while we got battered by the rain and wind. I’m happy to see the ADT community stand as strong as ever :)

Today was such a great day of support for one of the great women we know! Janet, you’re a rockstar and such an inspiration! You are clearly so loved by so many!

Miles Selena 🌻 (@exotickhaleesi) Instagram Profile Photo

Miles Selena 🌻

I still can’t get over how cute my dog and her best friend are!! 😭😭

Love at first sight ? Lol

CarrrmenDee (@carrrmendee) Instagram Profile Photo


Happy Labor Day from my sunglasses to yours

Ran a 5k today to help break the silence of Ovarian Cancer in honor of my friend Tom’s @tsp917 aunt who died of this horrid disease. Tom, thanks for including me in your team!! (I also broke 28 minutes by one second, so there’s that! ;) I know we made Aunt BB proud today!!

Quien tiene luz propia suele molestar al que está en la oscuridad.. 💖✨💫

GREG HUNT MADE (@greghuntmade) Instagram Profile Photo


Fun little photo shoot at the beach with some pieces from my new gem series. Two black walnut side tables and a bench/coffee table.

Mary Zanor (@maryloganz) Instagram Profile Photo

Mary Zanor

Oh to be paddling again on this gorgeous day. 📷 & 🏄🏻‍♀️credit: @jessasoup — thank you!

NPHC Alumni Chapter will host our annual BBQ

Alie 🌿 (@alie365) Instagram Profile Photo

Alie 🌿

In need of a beach in this feels like 40 degree weather ☀️

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