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Australian PT 💪🏼 🌏 @Adidasau Trainer 🏃🏻‍♀️ @ActiveEscapes Retreats 🌴 @Bulknutrients Team 🍍 Train with Me 📲Available on IOS only 👇🏻

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Gerringong, New South Wales

🎥 FULL BODY AMRAP 💪🏻 How my cardio is looking at the moment. 2 x 20 minute moderate intensity cardio paired with some long steady state walks during the week. Whilst I trying to keep the impact down, I still would like to keep a little bit of intensity to my cardio (without overdoing it). AMRAPS, EMOMS and Intervals are a fun way to do it Details: Complete as many rounds of the following in 15 minutes. 10 Cals on the Air Bike (20 if you’re using a Schwinn) 10 Ball to Shoulder 10 Push Press (can do with dumbbells) 10 Ball Squat It was once suggested that you shouldn’t elevate your heart rate above 140 during pregnancy but that recommendation has now been thrown out the window. Whilst it is true that you should not “over” exert yourself when pregnant, there is no need to stick to a set heart rate. A little bit of high intensity is fine. Just stay in tune with your . Remember every and every pregnancy is unique 🤰🏻 Song: Molotov by Kira Puru @oceanfitnessgerringong

VEGAN CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES 🤤 🍪 Crunchy on the outside, moist on the inside 🙌🏻 I definitely wouldn’t consider these healthy but these aren’t made for ... they’re made for the soul 😋 We did balance it out with my yummy chocolate protein milk made from @bulknutrients Chocolate Hemp Protein, cacao, dates and soy milk. Thought it might stop us from eating so many..... not sure it worked though 😄 For the cookies: Ingredients ✖️2/3 cup coconut oil, melted ✖️ 2/3 cup white sugar ✖️ 2/3 cup coconut sugar ✖️½ cup almond milk ✖️2 teaspoons vanilla ✖️2 ½ cups plain flour ✖️1 teaspoon baking soda ✖️1 teaspoon baking powder ✖️½ teaspoon salt ✖️1 1/2 cups chocolate chips Steps 1. Heat oven to 220°C. In large bowl, mix coconut oil and sugar until well mixed. Stir in almond milk and vanilla. 2. Stir in flour, baking soda, baking powder and salt until dough forms. Stir in chocolate chips. Roll dough into and press flat. 3. Bake 14 minutes or until edges are light brown.

Sydney, Australia

🎥 FULL BODY KB 💪🏻 A little weighted accessory work for the whole . I may not be able to load my at the moment but that doesn’t mean I can’t keep it strong and stable. 👌🏻 Details: 5 Minute EMOM: ✖️16 x Single Arm KB Swings. Set Two: ✖️12 x Holding BO Rows ✖️12 x Single Suitcase Squats (es) 3 Rounds Set Three: ✖️10 x Lateral Step Ups (es) ✖️10 x Halo Curls 3 Rounds Song: Martini by The Presets

Baking away at 🤰🏻👶🏻 Will happily take the reflux, heartburn and gas for all those baby 🙌🏻

Wollongong, New South Wales

🎥BATTLE ROPES 💪🏻 Battle ropes with a bump 😄🤰🏻 Loving the ropes at the moment.. they area fun way to get the conditioning in without too much impact. Details: 30s Work. 30 seconds Rest. 4 rounds of each set. Set One: ✖️Counter Balance Squat ✖️Rope Slams Set Two: ✖️Lunge Rotations (left) ✖️Lunge Rotations (right) Set Three: ✖️Step Up Waves ✖️Lateral Waves Song: My Own Thing by Chance the Rapper

Mrs Macquarie's Chair

SYDNEY we did it 🙌🏻 🌊 @adidasau Run For The Oceans 2019. Around the world runners united by lacing their shoes and pumping out the kilometres 🏃🏻‍♀️ For every km that has been completed between June 8 and 16, adidas will contribute $1 to Ocean School program. This program educates and empowers youth and their families on how to protect our oceans and fight marine plastic pollution. I didn’t get to join in the fun and run this year but I’m so proud of the crew who came down to join us in the less than inviting conditions ❄️🌧👌🏻

Gerringong, New South Wales

🎥FULL BODY DUMBBELLS 💪🏻 A bit of combo work with a set of dumbbells for a quick way to hit the whole 💃🏻 I’m using 7kgs here.. Go for a light weight for these ones, then you have room to increase the weight if you need Details: 40s work. 20s rest. 4 sets. ✖️Hip Thrust Press ✖️Squat to Push Press ✖️Hinge + Extension ✖️Single Leg Curls ✖️BO Row Combos This is not a Pregnancy Specific workout but if you are pregnant, be cautious with single leg exercises: with decreased pelvic stability and conditions such as Symphysis dysfunction it is advised to avoid them due to increased risk of injury. I’ve worked a lot on my stability both pre-pregnancy and ongoing these last few months so I quite confident in this position. I’m going to say this a lot: every and every pregnancy is different. This is why I yet to post any “Pregnancy Specific” workouts. I have a blog post on this topic coming soon! Location: @oceanfitnessgerringong Song: WUTD Genesis Owusu

Wollongong, New South Wales

Finally dragged our to the gym after a lazy long weekend 😄 Never thought I’d be an evening workout person but my routine has changed a little lately... so I’m sticking to whatever works at the moment. Besides, it’s nice to get to train with Geoff for a change (even though I’m super bossy and can’t take my trainer hat off 😅). Bub is growing strong at 22 weeks today! Last week both Geoff and I felt for the first time and now we’ve started to figure out our little one’s workout routine 😆🙌🏻 Turns out all those bubbles in my tummy weren’t just gas after all 🤭

Wollongong, New South Wales

🎥BODYWEIGHT DRILLS 💪🏻 Conditioning made fun! 💃🏻 Excited to get back into some of this style of training once bub arrives. Details: Set One: ✖️ 4 x 20m Lateral Cross Overs ✖️ 6 x Hindu Barrel Rolls 5 Rounds Set Two: ✖️10m Shuffle Lunges (each direction) ✖️ 8 x Single Arm Reverse Burpees 5 Rounds Set Three: ✖️20m Fast Feet Switch ✖️6 x Boat Tuck Burpees 5 Rounds Build a strong base and learn how to move well with my ‘Fresh on the Circuit’ and ‘Bodyweight Boss’ programs on my Train With Tanya App. Tap the link in my bio to download on iTunes OR sign up to join my Android waitlist 📲 Song: Nuggets by Mura Masa

Gerringong, New South Wales

Soaking up the sunshine in my favourite place ☀️🙌🏻 We got our 20 week scan on Friday and bub is growing strong in there! Training is a matter of playing it by ear for me at the moment... aiming to move everyday with about 4 focused training sessions a week. I’m currently working on a blogpost outlining some of key considerations for training during pregnancy that I have learnt through my pre and post natal training courses. This will be hopefully be helpful for both trainers and mums to be... it has been something I have been getting a lot of questions about lately and don’t feel like it is something I can adequately cover in a single Instagram post. I’ll keep you posted 👍🏻

Wollongong, New South Wales

🎥 MOVEMENT 💪🏻 A little bodyweight, maintenance work to start the day. Activation, stability and control to develop strong movement from the ground up. The small stuff, strengthens the big stuff.. don’t neglect your maintenance work 👌🏻 Details: 45s Work. 15s Recovery. 3 rounds ✖️Clam lift (es) ✖️YTW Balance ✖️Kneeling Hip Thrusts ✖️Eccentric SL Squat We do weekly Maintenance work on my Train With Tanya App. Both of my bodyweight programs are designed to help you build your movement from the ground up. Head to the link in my bio to join our community 💪🏻 Song: Miss Shiney by Kaiit

Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

And that’s a WRAP! @activeescapes 100th retreat and first ever @activeescapesfestival The biggest week I have ever been a part of... over 140 amazing people coming together for a week of training, partying, endless activities and all round craziness. So lucky to be surrounded by this incredible team of trainers: @amandabisk @andrew_pap_ @jennalouise_jl @scottevennett @kevin.c.wendt And of course a huge thanks to the two legends that started it all @zannaconlan @ali_conlan Just when I thought you guys couldn’t get any better at what you do 🤯👌🏻 With Bub on the way... this will be my last retreat for a while but there are plenty of other dates with the incredible @activeescapes team. Head to the link in their bio to check it all out ☀️

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