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Simon Weir

Artist and Architectural Designer

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Couple on a beach, little watercolour sketch inspired you Picasso’s Un Anatomy drawings.

Portrait of Martin Meredith, ink and watercolour, from~2005. Beginning to return to portraits and looking over some old work. ———————————————

Everything but the mint, 2003, oil on copper. Little plant study from years ago. ———————————————

Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney

Rather than aim for modernist simplicity, here we aim for a maximum density of formal ideas, so a building can look not like a tree but like an overgrown garden. Everything turns everything twists, everything morphs into something else, everything is Interrupted and incomplete, everything extends beyond functional necessity and becomes exuberant and pleasurable, everyone works too hard and is happy afterwards. •. •. •. •. •. • Robotic Stereotomy - 130 wire cut blocks for a 3x3x3m double skin vault : from Advanced Fabrication 2019, produced by the brilliant Rin Masuda, block design in the video is by Tyler Wang @tyleryz : •

Architecture, Design and Planning, University of Sydney

Hypercomplex appearance on approach, hard exterior, soft interior, strange mesmerising details... structurally stereotomic using expressive joints, invisible joints, and fake joints. First look at the stereotomic vault from Advanced Fabrication 2019, produced by the brilliant Rin Masuda, shown here sanding her keystone : •

Precision cutting of large stereotomic blocks, in search of an expanded formal language for architecture. I keep seeing whole landscapes in the formal details. These are all emerging in this year’s Advanced Fabrication class, our third year refining the technology!

“Field container”. These two images appeared to me in the moments before falling asleep. Sketched them up over 3 days in on iPad, careful to reproduce all the colours, perspectives and proportions of the initial visions. There is always something extraordinary, psychologically and emotionally speaking, about dream transcription, compared to other methods of image design; the affective union of sleeping and waking worlds can be called transcendent, but it’s also the opposite, because as well as merging material life upwards into the dream, it’s also a merging downwards from the spiritual into the material.

Gunma Astronomical Observatory, 1999, by Arata Isozaki. The Observatory includes its own stone circle and replica of the Jantar Mantar monument in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. Not a recognisable/ signature Isozaki project (no cubes or squares) but beautiful spaces. Photos , 2008. New article on 2019 Pritzker Prize winner Arata Isozaki, published on ARCSpace : : ••• observatory website: •••

Oita Prefectural Library, 1964, by Arata Isozaki, neo-brutalist concrete meets Metabolist expression. Also this is one of the first, and most subtle expressions of Isozaki’s lifelong motif of the decorative square and organising cube, here visible in the square voids terminating the exterior beams. Photos , 2008. New article on 2019 Pritzker Prize winner Arata Isozaki, published on ARCSpace : : •••

“Ж”, oil on linen, 30x40cm, with preparatory sketches. The ascent contemplated by the magpie becomes filled with monsters, in the manner of by and similar to the monsters encountered in the bardos in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, • Now that the image is set, will spend the remainder of the year polishing the details. • • •

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