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Let’s TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE! •Family Man •Fitness Motivator •Weight loss solutions to help you gain life.

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Mouratoglou Tennis Academy

I’m still on an emotional high from taking a photo with so many people I look up to! THE BEST PART is that we all have a desire to help our youth build a solid foundation within their passion, as we once did. #♥️

On this Episode of “Trust and Believe” you’ll meet my real life who went from homelessness and addiction to drugs and alcohol to living a fit life with type 1 diabetes. AND THEN he became a six figure fitness entrepreneur all on his own! Jay Maryniak of @jtm_fit, talks about how he was able to overcome self-doubt to begin his journey through substance abuse recovery and create a business that would give him the freedom to inspire others. Jay gives motivation and tips on how he improves his self-confidence and business daily. @trustandbelievepod To get more behind the scenes with my podcast guests and a safe place to express yourself online, go to!

Shaun and Scott are complete opposites and this video will show you exactly how! 🤣❤️🤣Tell us in the comments below you lovingly different you and your spouse are.

What brings you joy? I have no idea if Sander or Silas will love tennis, love science, love performing or love being spelling bee competitors. What matters most is that we guide them to find passion in whatever it is that they do. So I ask you again... ‼️WHAT BRINGS YOU JOY?

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy

This guy motivated me beyond words today! @mmtennis9 thank you for being my tennis partner and taking me on an amazing journey. The fact that you are my age in reverse (41/14) is actually profound because we reversed the typical roles of society. FACT: You can be motivated by someone younger if you just let go!

Today marks 1 year since the announcement of at last year’s @ and today marks 19 days until the next Beachbody . 📆 I’m teaching a BRAND NEW format 🔥 during my Half Hour of Power Workout and if you’re one of the 5,000 people coming, you better double your scoop of energize ⚡️and . 💦

Mouratoglou Tennis Academy

It was a bittersweet day! Our boys wanted to help us say goodbye to our amazing coach, @robindemasse. He has taken our 🎾 game to the next level and has prepped us for our upcoming tournaments back in the 🇺🇸! Along with many other coaches at the @mouratoglou_tennis_academy, he carries a passion to really want to help people succeed on and off the court. Thank you Robin. This isn’t goodbye because once Scott and I are too old, you’ll have to coach Silas and Sander 🤣

Thank you @taniathemachine and @julievoris for bringing that extra special energy to the stage! An experience is only as great as the people who lift you up and have your back! It’s just a reminder that you don’t have to go at life alone.

If you see this DROP DOWN AND GIVE ME 10 pushups. When you’re done comment with a ✅🙋🏽‍♂️ ...and don’t give me any excuses

Nice, France

Date night at the World Cup 🏟 was extra special. 1. Because I’m 25% English, according to ancestry dot com. 🤣 (I really am) 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 2. Because next week we are headed to Manchester and London to wreak havoc on my fitfam! 💪 🇬🇧

My programs at provide a variety of different types of workouts. From HIIT Training to Dance to Sport Specific drills, I’ve got you covered. Turn on notifications so you’re the first to know when I put out my next FREE hybrid calendar! Also, in the comments below, please tell me what type of training you want next!

•Is it that new job opportunity? •Is it that guy that’s been asking you out? •Is it that workout? •Maybe it’s that conversation you’ve been needing to have with your spouse? 😐IF YOU ALWAYS SAY “NO” because of fear, you’re not going to progress in that area of your life! 🎧 In the newest episode of my podcast,(Trust and Believe -Episode 166) I tell the story of how I just recently stepped waaaaay outside of my comfort zone and said yes to something that i was extremely fearful about. With that, something amazing happened. (Swipe up in Stories) ⁉️Are you in this situation right now? If so, share it with me in the comments below and I’ll respond to you in one of my upcoming episodes! ⭐️Also, if this is something you struggle with on a daily basis, join my “Safespace”. An online community where you will be immersed in a completely judgment free zone. This months training will be on BODY IMAGE! It’s a tough one but it’s a necessary one. (Swipe up in Stories)

He’s more than a photobomber. He’s more than a modifier. He’s more than my business partner. He’s more than a hot mofo. He’s more than my best friend. He’s more than an amazing husband. HE IS THE MOST AMAZING DAD TO OUR BEAUTIFUL LITTLE BOYS! Happy Father’s Day @scottphotobombs I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH! ♥️

Feel like you don’t have enough time to workout? I designed this 10 minute, full body, non-stop workout, specifically for you. It’s about doing something that will get you moving, even when you feel like there’s not enough time. There’s always time to burn some calories!

Double Tap if you got it done ✅ and then follow it up with what workout you did!

BEST ANSWER WINS! 🍑 What you gonna do wit all dat junk? Be creative! I can’t wait to read these comments 🤣 🎶 My Humps - The Black Eyed Peas

If only one person hears you... If only one person accepts you... If only one person appreciates you... Just be proud that you took the step to show who you really are! Because that step will help the good things fall into place and the bad things to not have a place!

🔈Silas and Sander have a very important message for you! Let me decipher it for you. “Get off your and GO GO GO GOOOOOOOO WORKOUT!” 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃‍♀️Tag your TEAM of workout buddies who need this message!

Somebody’s gonna be mad as after reading this. 👉 Anyone who says working out is easy is a DAMN LIE or just LAZY AF! Scream, yell, hate me, do whatever you gotta do -Just know that I’m here for you!!

Parents… you’ll want to hear this🗣 ..and you’ll want to hear more than just “it’s okay if your dining room table is a mess!” (Tag your spouse to let them know @ScottPhotoBombs🤣). Today’s episode of @TrustAndBelievePod is with @LizVaccariello, Editor-In-Chief of @Parents Magazine. Liz & I talked about creating balance between family, career, activities like traveling and staying fit along with creating sustainability as a parent with a hectic lifestyle. Thanks in advance for subscribing, while you listen!

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